JSA Gallery Updates

The JSA Gallery has been updated with the new Keisotsu/Kempeitai SWC Box and the new Domaru Butai Box, plus a new group shot of all the new sculpts so far.  Just the Tankos and another Shikami Sculpt to add.

Operation: Coldfront – A Closer Look

Originally posted on PJDWW:
It’s hot. Too hot. Somewhere, Ming the Merciless is assailing the earth with heat waves, hoping to break our spirit. It won’t work, Ming! It won’t! So what better way to build some sort of psychic barrier against the high temperatures than by exploring the new Corvus Belli battle pack Operation:…

Gallery Update

Another round of newly painted miniatures! Images added to galleries.

Battle Foam Infinity Alpha and Beta Bag Review

Watch the below video for a full review of the Battle Foam Alpha Bag and Beta Bag for Infinity the game (www.battlefoam.com). I’ve also included below a gallery of photos taken of the Infinity Alpha Bag 2.0 Horizontal Standard Load Out (2 x 1″, 2 x 1.5″ and 1 x 2″ “Universal Troop Trays BFS” and…

Sunday Infinity

Had a good friend Richard Heales over for some Sunday Infinity!  Decided to experiment with a video log/BatRep.  Not a full video but more they highlights.  This was all done on an iPhone 6S and came out remarkably well (including my dog Sasha in the background!).  Might try next time for a full/realtime BatRep!

Building an Infinity Table

One of the problems with getting into Infinity and playing the game can be the simple issue of scenery!  Every Infinity player will tell you that construction of the table is the most important part of getting a great game.  Too open and every time you move you’ll be ARO’d by multiple units.  Too close and…