Gallery Update

New unit names added to the Yu Jing Gallery CSU with Pistol and Boarding Shotgun (Imperial Service) Aida Swanson, Submondo Smuggler (Yu Jing)

JSA Gallery Updates

The JSA Gallery has been updated with the new Keisotsu/Kempeitai SWC Box and the new Domaru Butai Box, plus a new group shot of all the new sculpts so far.  Just the Tankos and another Shikami Sculpt to add.

Galleries Updated

The JSA and Yu Jing Galleries have now been updated with the changes following Uprising! New Additions: JSA Army Box Raiden HRL Dakini Tac Bot Garuda Father Lucien Sforza Bit Yuan Yuan (Red Veil)

Photographing Miniatures

Painting miniatures is one thing, but getting great photographs to show all that hard work you have put in is another. Photographing miniatures is really a dark art! After feedback about taking photos against plain backgrounds rather than scenic backdrops I experimented with simple white of black card but didn’t get anywhere. So £10 later…

Gallery Update

Another round of newly painted miniatures! Images added to galleries.

Gallery Updates

Updating the galleries with my recently painted miniatures!

Gallery Update, Imperial State Service

A new gallery has been added – The Yu Jing Imperial State Service.  Just look under Galleries>Imperial State Service.  Other galleries have also been updated with my latests painted units. The scenery is from Antenocities Workshop (Happy Pander Noodle Restaurant, Asian Gardens Set 1, Asian Fencing Set, Avalon Tri-Ads), Art of War Studios (NeoCity One)

Yu Jing Gallery Now Live

Yu Jing Gallery This is a gallery of all of the Yu Jing units I have painted. My Top 5 (not including JSA units and Mercs) Dragon Lady Imperial Service Judge Zhanshi (New Female with Combi slung over shoulder Hsein HMG Guijia Pilot Su-Jian Immediate Action Unit Leave your 5 favourite models in the comments…

JSA Gallery Open

JSA Gallery I’ve added a new page to the top menu with a gallery of all of the JSA models I own and have painted.  It’s missing a couple of the new sculpts but is more or less complete.  Some of these models were painted over a year ago when I got into Infinity and…