WarCors WarParty Day 2

Warparty - 90
It’s too damn early to go to war!

The only way is up…. When you’re on 0 TP after three games!  There was a Starbucks next to the Travel Lodge so I couldn’t resist a caffeine breakfast.  Locked and Loaded with caffeine I was ready to “kick names and take butt’ (erm hand on that’s not right….).


Its worth mentioning all the prep work that our WorCors put into the tournament – with a full colour Tournament Guide for each player!  I’ve included a link below to it:

Warcor Warparty Satellite Tournament Pack 2019 V1.0


Game 1

  • Mission: Rescue
  • Opponent: Jan “Zergash”
  • Faction: Invincible Army
  • List: B

This is one mission I hadn’t really practice with this list, but I knew it was tough on orders, so definitely list B.  We were playing on my JSA outpost scratch-built table, so I was interested to see how it worked.  Jan, from Germany has bought along a limited insertion lists but with plenty of “extra” orders from Tac Awareness and LT Lvl 2.  Jan won initiative and went first.  In my deployment I put a total of 5 mines all along the DZ near the civilians!

Turn 1 IA

Jan kicks off with his Yan Hao (AP HMG), Zuyong Combi and HaiDao Hacker.  The Haris uses the Zuyongs Tac Awareness order to move up and then switches to the Yan Hao and guns my Keisotsu ML off a roof.

Warparty - 106

He then switches to his Zhanshi, Haidao Multisniper Fireteam: Core up my right flank managing to draw a LoF to my Keisotsu HMG. The Keisotsu loses the roll but tanks ARM and falls back, The Haidao then takes down my Kempetai SMMR to unconscious!

He then moves up a TO camo marker into the Tai Nightclub, who managed to get discovered as a HacTao Killer Hacker.

Turn 1 JSA

I moved a Keisotsu order from group 2 to 1 to bring that up to 8, and Shinobu’s order as she appeared (having made her infiltration roll). She moved into the large building and moved towards a door near the Yan Hao Haris.  She throws smoke out to cover the Zuyong and the CRITs and slices him in half.  She then throws a Speculative Fire smoke grenade out over the HaiDao and YanHao and takes them out, each with a monofilament CRIT (MA4 CC25 Crit on 15+).

Warparty - 107

Switching to combat group 2, I moved up the Ryuken. One managed to move up to get a LoF onto the HacTao and put a wound on him, before falling back.  Then all the Ryukens laid mines and went on Suppression Fire with Co-ordinated orders.

I took a risk with the last order and took a shot at the HacTao from Shinobu but it ARM saved.

Turn 2 IA

Down to 7 orders.  Jan brings his DaoYing camo marker using LT order and LT Level 2 and goes for Shinobu but she gets smoke down on her.  He then goes into the building and tries to dig out the Ryuken who manages to make loads of ARM saves.  He decides to bring in backup and moves the Hac Tao across the board and finally kills the Ryuken.

He then recamo’d his DaoYing.

He tries to bring the HaoDao Sniper and link up, but the WarCor flashpulsed him!

Warparty - 108

Turn 2 JSA

I move another Ryuken into the building and move up to discover the DaoYing (using up all three orders in that pool).

Shinobu grabs a civilian, throws smoke into the building over the DaoYing, moves in and butchers him.  She then moves towards the HacTao, throws smoke over him, and CCC CRITs to slice him in half.

Warparty - 109

Turn 3 IA

In Loss of Lt, but still with 4 command tokens, he feeds tokens into his link, gets flashed again by the WarCor.  He stitches to a Zhanshi and shoots to WarCor off the roof, and makes a run for the civilian, but the Ryuken on suppression fire guns down all but 1 Zhanshi.

Warparty - 110

Turn 3 JSA

The Ryuken finishes off the Zhanshi with an SMG burst.

Shinobu hands off her civilian to another Ryuken who escorts him back to my DZ.  Shinobu then goes and grabs another civilian and brings her back to the DZ.

Final Score

Bugger… didn’t read the mission properly.  I needed one civ in my DZ and one civ in the dead zone!!!! I just threw away 3 points!!!!!

Stuart – Partial Victory.  2 TP. 4 OP (More Civilians in DZ 3 OP, Secure HVT 1 OP). 213 VP

Jan – Loss.  0 TP. 0 OP. 31 VP

The Survivors

Warparty - 111

Game 2

  • Mission: Quadrant Control
  • Opponent: Nich “Jedkar Mifune”
  • Faction: Ikari
  • List: B

Nich was a fellow JSA player, but last time we played he defected to Miltary orders and we had a brutal Knights vs Bikers game. This time he was ½ JSA with Ikari! I won initiative and chose turn order to go second (which is very powerful in QC).

Turn 1 Ikari

Nich led off with a pair of Yuan Yuans who both failed the drop in (on 11’s) and were place in his DZ, one on the right one on the left. Yo Jimbo moved up and popped some smoke out.  His Desparado moved out, without ARO’s and popped smoke in front of his Core: Fire Team.

Warparty - 128

Warparty - 129

Nich then activiated the classic Ikari Fire Team – Brawler MSV2 MultiSniper, Tanko ML, 3 Keisotsu.  The Sniper started prone and moved up to cover.  Next order he pops up and puts two shots into my Keisotsu ML through the smoke.

Nich then does lots of moving up, bringing a 2 Tanko, Brawler (SpecOps HMG, MSV1) up my right flank.  He managed to discover shoot a mine one of my Ryukens laid.

He moved up Yo Jimbo to place his Koalas right under the monorail where my two Ryuken were.

Warparty - 130Warparty - 131

Turn 1 JSA

I led off with Shinobu – and moved her to take out the Yuan Yuan (out of chain rifle range) but he threw smoke!  Shinobu then decided to take a combi shot at a Keisotsu in the 5 man fire team (prone at the back just making up the numbers) and got PUNKED! Dead! Plan B…

Warparty - 132

The Ryuken of my left, popped out a mine around the corner and then moved to take shots, giving a wound to a Tanko, who fell back into cover (but they were too far to set off the mine).  She then moved to LoF of the Brawler SpecOps and got PUNKED! Dead! Plan C…

Warparty - 133

The Brawler sniper was locking down the main fire lane, so I reform my Keisotsu Fireteam (it has lots of redundancy) and moved the HMG up the stairs of a building.  A Monorail strut blocked the LoF of the Brawler Sniper, but the Keisotsu HMG split his burst 4 ways.  Yo Jimbi got down smoke.  Two Tanko’s dodged.  The lone 12 pt Bounty hunter…. hit him with the Acrolyte canon and stuck him!

Warparty - 134

The link reformed, and the Kempeitai SMMR MSV2 managed to take out the bounty hunter and Yo Jimbo.

Scoring turn 1.  Nick had the NE and NW quadrants and his data tracker was in.  I had the SW and SE quadrants, but my data tracker was 0.5” out.  2-1

Turn 2 Ikari

The desperado moved up, taking an ARO from Yuriko, but got smoke down.

He moved up his Tanko ML in the FireTeam Core, got LoF on Yuriko and CRIT she got PUNKED! Dead!

The Tanko Haris moved up, led by the HMG MSV1 Spec Ops Brawler and gunned down my Ryuken, and then used several orders to move up clearing mines from Yuriko and my Spec Ops.  They then killed the WarCor. No freedom of the press!

This left the way clear of his Krakot.  He moved up to the building, and started Spec Firing Grenades. CRIT Kempeitai SMMR, PUNKED DEAD! Neko Wounded.  Another grenade, Neko dead!

Turn 2 JSA

Down to a few orders.  I form what’s left into a three-man Keisotsu core fireteam.  Move up on the Krakot, but he ARM saves every attack!

One Ryuken in the other group, tried to shoot the MSV2 Sniper…and dies.

Scoring – Ikari NE, NW and SE.  JSA NW.  5-1

Turn 3 Ikari

The desperado moves in and twin assault pistols my Spec ops to dead.

The Krakot Spec Fires a grenade onto my Kempeitai CoC… dead.

The Tanko Haris moved around my back line and finished off the last two Keisotsu.

Turn 3 JSA

The last Ryuken yells “FREEDOM!” and dies to a hail of bullets from multiple ARO’s.


Stuart – Loss. 0 TP. 1 OP. 0 VP

Nich – Complete Victory.  3 TP.  9 OP. 258 VP.

Nich bought me a drink to make up for the Crits! Despite being tabled it was I think the most fun game of the tournament!

Game 3

  • Mission: Annihilation
  • Opponent: Nick “Hans_Ze_Hammer”
  • Faction: Morat
  • List: A

Last game… no WP rolls, no objectives, no classifieds, just killing!  Nick was running a Limited Insertion list as well!

I won Initiative and took 1stturn.

Turn 1 JSA.

Saito let the charge with all 10 orders!  He moved all the way up the right flank, threw smoke or the Datarazi, recamo’d and then cut him down.

Warparty - 145

He then moved towards Karnak (obvious LT with Strategos) and did a cautious move around the back of him.  Last order, he moves in for the kill, and Karnak Shanks him.  Luckily he makes the ARM Save!

Warparty - 146

Turn 1 Morats

He didn’t want to risk activating Kornak (and Morats don’t care about LT’s and stuff).  He Using 3 (yes 3!!!) tactical awareness orders, his FireTeam: Core containing – 3 Suryats with HMGs and two Raktoraks, he moves up the table.

Warparty - 147

His first speed bump is the Karakuri Mk 12.  To attack it he has to move out over cover. 5 orders later… The MK 12 is on dogged, and the Suyrat is unconscious. With his last two orders he moves up Doc worm and heals the Suyrat.

End of turn the Karakuri shuts down…

Warparty - 148

Turn 2 JSA

There are times in Infinity when you do something so horrible, it just feels dirty… this was one of those times.

The Domaru/Tanko Fireteam moves up the table down the right flank.  The Tanko ML/Light Shotgun moves out a tiny bit while prone and lays three shotgun blasts over EVERYONE IN THE TEAM!  Raktorak, Dead.  Raktorak, Dead. Suyrat, Dead.  Suyrat, Dead. Only one Syurat (who was just healed) managed to survive…

Warparty - 149

The Tanko switches to his Missile Launcher and vapourises the Suyrat and Dr Worm.

The Fire team then moves into a defensive position.

Saito with the last order, attacks Kornak, and again gets shanked and dies!

Turn 2 Morat

3 Orders + a Strategos LT order.  His Datarazi runs out, trying to throw smoke and gets cut down by a hail of bullets from the Tanko’s and Domaru Spitfire.

Kornak moves up to just see the Domaru Spitfire and gets a wound on him with his MK12.

Warparty - 150

Turn 3 JSA

Time to give Kornak an honorable Morat death.

Rather than shoot, the Domaru Spitfire moves and dodges Kornaks ARO.

Then the ENITRE fireteam moves up towards Kornak, using stealth, and around the back of a container.  Then, each one of the fireteam, cautious moves around the back of the Kornak. Then four (because 5 wouldn’t fit) all engage him at the same time and cut him down!

Warparty - 151Warparty - 152

Turn 3 Morat

Nick only had his Spec Ops left in a building so couldn’t do anything.

Turn 3 JSA

The Fireteam moved off through the building, and once again, 4 of the cautious moved around his back and then all moved in and butchered him.

A true Morat death.

Warparty - 153

Final Score

Stuart – Complete Victory. 3 TP. 9 OP.  218 VP

Nick – Loss.  0 TP. 1 OP. 0 VP.

Final Standings

After a very long two days, 6 games, and 4 defeats, it was all over… and the large amount of prize support could be wheeled out! Everyone got something!  Despite taking a kicking, I enjoyed every game and had 6 great opponents.

I finished 32/28 with 5 TP, 18 OP and 762 VP.

A big shout out to the WarCors who organised the even: Dan “Epsolon”, Ian “IJW”, Bob “Bobman”, Graham “GammaRay”, Andy “Riker” and Keith “Kurrelgyre” and to all the sponsors!

Simple Miniatures Games

The Army Painter

Badger Bear


LvLUP Gaming

The Games Shop (Aldershot)

Antonian Wargames

Monsterous Makings

War Gaming Trader

and of course,..

Corvus Belli for sending us more prize support and a special video


imageScreen Shot 2019-07-06 at 14.49.45Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 14.50.09Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 14.50.21





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