Gallery Update

New unit names added to the Yu Jing Gallery CSU with Pistol and Boarding Shotgun (Imperial Service) Aida Swanson, Submondo Smuggler (Yu Jing)


I’m looking to get some feedback on what makes a good written Battle Report to improve my blog. Do you want – Lots of pictures/less pictures More detail about list construction Blow by blow details or just the high lights More narrative pieces More strategy and rules notes Less random typos (my editing sucks) More…

Wayland Games Xmas Escalation

Wayland Games Xmas Escalation Another great tournament at Wayland Games, Hockley, Essex.  A smaller turnout than the last tournament a couple of weeks ago, but if I was expected it to be easier, I was wrong!  Some great players turned out, familiar faces and old adversaries, and as we had an odd number EssexDave, our…

JSA Gallery Updates

The JSA Gallery has been updated with the new Keisotsu/Kempeitai SWC Box and the new Domaru Butai Box, plus a new group shot of all the new sculpts so far.  Just the Tankos and another Shikami Sculpt to add.