Operation: Coldfront – A Closer Look


It’s hot. Too hot. Somewhere, Ming the Merciless is assailing the earth with heat waves, hoping to break our spirit. It won’t work, Ming! It won’t! So what better way to build some sort of psychic barrier against the high temperatures than by exploring the new Corvus Belli battle pack Operation: Coldfront?


A New Rivalry

Operation: Coldfront introduces us to a simmering conflict between the Cossacks of Ariadna and the agents of ALEPH’s Special Situations Section. Whether you see the colonists of the planet Dawn as the proud defenders of autonomy against the intrusive and sinister agents of ALEPH depends on your perspective. Like all previous Infinity releases, the conflict set up in Operation: Coldfront is supported by a complex and gripping narrative that’s rich in nuance and depth.

The booklet’s fluff does a great job in exposing new players to the layered intrigue of the Infinity universe. It also…

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