War of the Words 8: TREASON!

WOTW8 - 31

An early 6 am start to the day for the trek across London to the War of the Worlds 8 tournament at IBuyWargames in Woking.  This time our hosts had decided to go for the new Treason! Narrative Event.  The missions selected were:


Each of the above missions also had some special rules to spice them up (a lot of which we all promptly forgot!).  For those that haven’t played this format you have to declare you are supporting once of the three sides in the Narrative Event, and then get a bonus:

  • JSA – Banzai! You automatically win the initiative roll, and get to add +4” to your deployment zone
  • Yu Jing – +1 SWC
  • Combined Army – +25 Army Points

It you play one of the above factions (or sectorials) then you automatically supported that faction, otherwise you could choose who to support.  I think a few players thought the Yu Jing bonus was the weakest, and it was not that useful to have a +1 SWC.  As a JSA player I certainly thought the JSA bonus was great (although if both players chose that they still had to roll initiative).

We had 14 players signed up this time, which was a bit small as WOTW usually sells out, but it was nice to be able to spread out a bit more in the shop!  One player dropped so our TO for the day Graham “Gamma Ray”, filled the space, but in true sportsmanship fashion, he asked another player to give him an army list and army he hadn’t played before!

I arrived early enough to help set the tables up, and Andy “Riker” and I helped put together one of Dan Barbers excellent tables, and whenever I set up a table I always end up playing on it at some point!

Due to the over running 1st game I didn’t get around to doing table photos at this tournament.

My lists

WOTW8 - 36
[​IMG] WOTW8 List A

GROUP 1[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]10
[​IMG] YURIKO ODA Combi Rifle + E/Mitter, D-Charges, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, CCW. (0 | 23)
[​IMG] KEISOTSU Missile Launcher / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 14)
[​IMG] KEISOTSU (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10)
[​IMG] KEISOTSU (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10)
[​IMG] KEMPEI (Multispectral Visor L2) Shock Marksman Rifle / Pistol, CCW, Electric Pulse. (1 | 25)
[​IMG] DOMARU (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle, E/M Grenades / Pistol, E/M CCW, Shock CC Weapon. (0 | 36)
[​IMG] RYŪKEN (Forward Deployment L2, ODD) Submachine Gun, Antipersonnel Mines, D-Charges / 2 Breaker Pistols, Knife. (0.5 | 24)
[​IMG] RYŪKEN (Forward Deployment L2, ODD) Submachine Gun, Antipersonnel Mines, D-Charges / 2 Breaker Pistols, Knife. (0.5 | 24)
[​IMG] KEMPEI (Chain of Command) Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, CCW, Electric Pulse. (0 | 21)
[​IMG] SHINOBU Lieutenant Combi Rifle, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, Monofilament CCW. (1 | 47)

GROUP 2[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]2 [​IMG]1
[​IMG] RYŪKEN (CH: Limited Camouflage) Heavy Rocket Launcher, Antipersonnel Mines / Heavy Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 23)
[​IMG] SAITO TOGAN (Specialist Operative) Combi Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, EXP CCW, Knife. (0 | 40)
[​IMG] WARCOR (Aerocam) Flash Pulse / Stun Pistol, Knife. (0 | 3)

6 SWC | 300 Points

Open in Infinity Army

WOTW8 - 32

[​IMG] WOTW8 List B

[​IMG] YURIKO ODA Combi Rifle + E/Mitter, D-Charges, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, CCW. (0 | 23)
[​IMG] KEMPEI (Multispectral Visor L2) Shock Marksman Rifle / Pistol, CCW, Electric Pulse. (1 | 25)
[​IMG] KEMPEI (Chain of Command) Combi Rifle / Pistol, CCW, Electric Pulse. (0 | 22)
[​IMG] KEISOTSU Missile Launcher / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 14)
[​IMG] KEISOTSU HMG / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 17)
[​IMG] SHIKAMI Combi Rifle / Pistol, DA CCW, AP CCW, Knife. (0 | 47)
[​IMG] DAIYŌKAI Red Fury, Panzerfaust / Pistol, DA CC Weapon, AP CC Weapon. (1 | 49)
[​IMG] OYAMA Chain Rifle, E/M Grenades / Breaker Pistol, AP CCW, EXP CCW. (0 | 28)
[​IMG] DOMARU (Fireteam: Haris) Chain Rifle, E/M Grenades / Pistol, E/M CCW, Shock CC Weapon. (0.5 | 27)
[​IMG] SHINOBU Lieutenant Combi Rifle, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, Monofilament CCW. (1 | 47)

6 SWC | 299 Points

Open in Infinity Army

Game 1

  • Mission: Annihilation
  • Opponent: Andy “Riker”
  • Faction: Yu Jing (Bonus Yu Jing)
  • List: B

WOTW8 - 4

When the first round pairings were called, I did let a four letter word slip…  You know it’s going to be a tough day in the trenches when you draw No 1 in UK, Andy “Riker” in the first round.  No easy warm up game here!  Andy and I have played a couple of times and almost every time it’s gone to the wire, and this was no exception!

With the JSA bonus, I chose to take first turn and Andy deployed 2nd.  The table was a bit rough.  Good in terms of fire lanes, but it was at a 45 degree angle so getting good cover in deployment was hard.  I set up my Keisotsu link in the centre and the Daiyokai/Domaru/Neko link (DDN) on the west side, pushing up to 16”.  Andy deployed in spread out and dug in.  His Rui Shi went right into the North East corner surrounded by Kuang Shi, Monks and a Krakot (I really hate Krakots)!  He also snuck a camo token on the midway line, right nearby my DDN link.

At this point I had a tough choice to make in deploying Shinobu.  Do I go for the Rui Shi on the East side or deploy in the centre and go for the TR HMG.  These were the only power piece that Andy had at that time. I decided to go for the Rui Shi, and deployed in a building right behind the Krakot, and made the Infiltration Plus roll.  Then Andy plonks down a Spitfire Su Jian! This I wasn’t expecting as Andy is partial to the Hsein HMG.

We chose our data trackers. I chose my Kempeitai CoC, and Andy chose a Zhanshi, prone on a cargo container.

Turn 1 JSA

In true JSA fashion I lead off with Shinobu using her Lt order and without a shred of honour, unloaded her combi rifle into the back of the Krakot’s head (did I mention I hate Krakots and Berserk!).  Next up she throws a couple of smoke grenades out the window to cover a Monk, Kuang Shi and Celestial Guard.

WOTW8 - 6

[RULES INTERLUDE] At the start of the game, like all good Infinity players, Andy and I laid down some ground rules on interpreting the scenery.  All windows that were large enough could be used for LoF.  All small scenery games (e.g. railings) didn’t allow LoF. Doors required an Activate short skill and opened at resolution.  The issue was we didn’t discuss the windows.  I’d assumed I could jump out of the window (as a Narrow Access Gate – which allows any S2 or less to move freely through).  Andy had assumed I couldn’t.  So at an impase we called over the TO and he made the decision that I couldn’t move through the window because the size of my Silhouette wouldn’t physically fit.  Despite disagreeing with this, you have to at some point accept the TO’s ruling and move on.

As I couldn’t go through the window, my only option was the door, but that opened into the Rui Shi’s LoF. Spending extra orders, I re-camo’d, then opened the door (2 orders) and then moved through the smoke, keeping scenery between me and the Rui Shi’s MSV2, and finally sneaking into strike range of the Rui Shi and killing it with a CRIT!  In Andy’s words, “You really wanted that Rui Shi dead, didn’t you!”. 7 Orders to kill one unit… (2 more than expected).

WOTW8 - 7

I had guessed the prone camo token near my DDN link was a Guilang Assault hacker so didn’t really fancy moving my HI towards it (even with stealth). With my last few orders I rearranged the Keisotsu Fire Team and bought my Kempeitai SMMR MSV2, so I could see the crates where the prone camo token was, and moved a HMG Keisotsu out to cover the fire lane that the Su Jian would have to use.

I then put Shinobu into the smoke (because a Yao Zao was looking at her) missing a shot on the Yao Zao, and then returned her to a Camo state

Turn 1 Yu Jing

Andy’s second combat group was made up of all the monks, Kuang Shi, and Celestial guard to power the now dead Rui Shi.  With his impetuous orders he moved out.  My HMG had a shot on a Kuang Shi but was over the 32” maximum range!  The other guys were protected from my Kempeitai SMMR by a really annoying pile of crates!  Into his regular orders, one plucky monk decided to go to Shinobu, walked into LoF (and chain rifle range), I did nothing in ARO , and discovered me (bugger). He then opened up with a chain rifle, which I dodged.  He next bought round a Kuang Shi, I engaged, and he chain rifled, but I won and was now engaged with the Kuang Shi.  Next was one of the funniest ways every to deal with Shinobu!  The monk backed off, and then shot Shinobu, who was engaged. He needed 2’s to hit, but instead he hit his own Kuang Shi, knocked him to unconscious, and then promptly Exploded taking Shinobu with it! KABOOOMMMM! [&*%*&&%].

WOTW8 - 11

Into the main group, down 1 order from the Krakot.  He buffed the Husong TR HMG REM and gave a master class in how to use a HMG REM as an attacking piece.  He popped out to see my Keisotsu HMG and wasted him.  He moved along to get my Keisotsu Missile launcher in shot and wasted him. He continued to move up, heading for my Kempeitai CoC (which Andy knew would now put me in loss of Lieutenant!).  But he couldn’t get across the Daiyokai’s LoF.  They exchanged shots and the Daiyokai lost, but tanked the ARM saves.

WOTW8 - 12

With his last order, he brings the camo marker (defo a Guilang AHD!) and plants him in ZoC of the DDN link.

Turn 2 JSA

Two problems!  A Camo marker, and a TR HMG REM.  I started by moving out my Kempeitai SMMR MSV2 and failed to discover the camo marker.  I tried again but with Yuriko Oda but failed. Plan C. I broke the DDN link and moved the Domaru into LoF of the Camo marker, he dodged, I chain Rifle and he made the roll, dodging around the corner.  The Domaru followed (getting into Assault range), pistol out and managed to shoot down the Guilang (who ARO’d with Carbonite).

Free to manoeuvre, I reformed the DDN link and as the Daiyokai moved he landed a couple of shots on the TR HMG, but it made the ARM roles…  I had my eyes on a bigger prize though!  The DDN link moved up along the Wester table edge, and just managed to get a LoF with the Daiyokai on the rear of the combat form Su Jian!  With no F2F roll, the Daikokai with my last order, planted two Panzerfausts into the Su Jian, 6 ARM saves and he made 4, going to NWI!!!!

Turn 2 Yu Jing

Andy’s Husong was still a real threat, which I should a dealt with, but had run out of orders. It moved around and gets a line of fore on Neko Oyama (my  mistake!) and wastes him!.  Next he moves to get LoF on my Kempeitai CoC with Combi and flat range on 11’s, but she won (B1 on 15’s), but the Husong tanked the ARM save.  He goes again and this time she puts the Husong down onto UNC Level 1.

Andy then sends a Yao Zao up to the Su Jian (the Daiyokai misses the ARO) and heals the Su Jian to 1 Structure.  The Su Jian then goes for the Daiyokai who has 8 points of ARM in cover and manages to shrug off ever hit bar the last and takes 2 wounds but goes NWI!

From the other combat group, Andy revealed a TO Camo Marker (Ninja KHD), in the centre of the table. He moved in a marker state towards the Daiyokai, and then Surprise Attacked him but the Daiyokai won, and took him down!

[RULES INTERLUDE] One issue with ITS is game length.  We finished round 2 at 1 hour 55 minutes.  Andy assumes there would be no 3rdturn and said he had played with that in mind. I had assumed there would be a turn 2 as we could start turn 3 before the end of time.  Graham as TO hadn’t mentioned how timing was going to work in this tournament, so we passed it over to him to decide and he signalled to play on into round 3!

WOTW8 - 37

Turn 3 JSA

Down to the wire, it was time for the power play!  5 Orders. The Daiyokai and Domaru head off up the table and into LoF of the Su Jian.  The Daiyokai lands a couple of hits and the Su Jian dodges back and into cover.  The Daiyokai and Domaru then go into a flat charge and move out, the Su Jian ARO’s with a flame thrower over both of them, and the Daiyokai replies with a burst from the Red Fury.  Both the Domaru and Daiyokai tank the Fire ARM saves! So does the Su Jian!

Now the Domaru is in 8” of the Su Jian and goes do the assault (crossing the ZoC of the Pangguling repeater).  He tanks another flame thrower, a Gotcha from the Zhanshi hacker and hits the Su Jian with his EM CCW putting it into IMM-2 but the physical damage is saved!

Last order!  The link gets reformed again.  The Domaru moves out of CC and back in again, which then allows the Daiyokai to shoot with a double CRIT…..

…but then I realise I rolled 4 dice and not 3 (I had lost the Haris bonus).  I owned up to the mistake and we rerolled, I landed two hits, he saved one and went back into NWI…

Turn 3 Yu Jing

Andy’s last turn. Limited options.  The Rui Shi was gone.  The Su Jian was screwed – even if his Yao Zao could bring it out of IMM-2, it was still in CC with the Domaru with the Daiyokai on overwatch.  So in true Andy form, he takes to third option! His Engineer decides to take up long distance sprinting and goes across half the table to get to the Husong!  He fails one ENG roll (with no command tokens left) and moves it to Unc Level 2, and then makes the next roll.  With the very last order of the game the Husong moves into LoF of Yuriko and my Kempeitai an splits a point blank shot 2 and 2.  At this point I realise I’ve screwed up Yuriko’s facing, and she takes 2 in the back and goes down, but the Kempeitai wins again and lands her ARO on the Husong – who makes his ARM save!

Final Score

It went to the WIRE! The resurrection of the Husong, and Yuriko going down pushed it to Andy’s side.  The very last ARM save by the Husong, against the Kempeitai’s Combi Rifle actually decided the game!!!!!!

Stuart “sam2064” Loss. 0 TP, 2 OP (Killed 75-150 1 OP, Surviving 75-150 1 OP), 145 AP.  Points killed 132.

Andy “Riker”. Partial Victory. 2 TP, 6 OP (Killed 151-250 3 OP, Surviving 151-250 3 OP), 168 AP. Points Killed 155.

Game 2

  • Mission: Safe Area
  • Opponent: Nick “Jedkar Mifune”
  • Faction: JSA (Bonus JSA)
  • List: A

This is only the 3rdtime I can remember having a JSA vs JSA mirror match!  Nick and I had chatted about our army lists during the lunch break so we had a round idea of each-others lists.  While not a true mirror match, our forces had a lot in common!

Nick choses to use Intel Com, while I decided to go for the classified!

[RULES INTERLUDE] So I screwed up in this game.  I never usually take Shinobu as a Lt, so I completely forgot she was when I placed her in hidden deployment.  When I finally realised in turn 3 I put my hand up to it, owned up and offered an unconditional 10-0 loss to Nick, but he was a real sport about it and let the result stand (mainly because Shinobu had done nothing the entire game).

We had to roll initiative, and Nick won, but decided to take turn order to go second, and I deployment 2nd. Nick put his two Ryuken and mines up near the 24” line as well.  He put his Keisotsu HMG in a fire team on the high ground for ARO’s, and his Kuroshi rider near by.  He then attempted two superior infiltration rolls, landed one, and fluffed the other, so placed the Oniwaniban on his table edge next to the Kuroshi.

I deployed my two Ryuken Forward Deployment Level 2 on the 24” line along with their mines (as they both got +4”) and covered the main fire lane with my Keisotsu.  I placed my Ryuken HRL camo marker up on a high tower, with direct LoF onto the Kuroshi and the Keisotsu HMG.

Nick held back his Yo Jimbo and placed him next to his Kuroshi rider near the Keisotsu Fireteam with his two Koalas.  I held back Shinobu, made the Infiltration roll and placed her right up near Yo Jimbo in hidden deployment.

Turn 1 JSA

For once, Shinobu didn’t lead the charge, due to the Koalas.  So the WarCor led the charge, intentionally setting off one of Nick’s Ryuken’s mines, and dying!

Nick had made a grave error though and clustered a lot of units around Yo Jimbo.  My first action was to bring Saito Togan out of HD and throw a smoke grenade between Nick’s Keisotsu HMG and my Ryuken HRL.  Now my Ryuken could take the shot on Yo Jimbo. He laid a HRL template onto Jimmy catching the Kuroshi and the Oniwaniban.  Only Yo Jimbo had LoF back so he threw smoke in ARO on a 6.  I landed a HRL shot on a 4 so the template went down catching Kuroshi and the Oniwaniban who both then failed their dodge at PH -3 and burned to death, but Jimmy survived!  As there was now smoke blocking that LoF the Ryuken couldn’t do any more.

WOTW8 - 17

On the eastern side of the table my Ryuken played mine’d games with Nick’s Ryuken.  She moved up and slide a mine around a corner, then popped out SMG blazing.  She landed 2 hits on Nick’s Ryuken, who failed to dodge and took a mine to the face as well.

WOTW8 - 18

Next I tried to take Nick’s other Ryuken on with my Ryuken, but at a range of 10” in cover we were both rolling 3’s so that didn’t work! The Ryuken changed positions to get out of LoF and into LoF of the HMG Keisotsu and with some great mods in my favour -6 ODD -3 cover, managed to SMG blaze down the Keisotsu HMG (shockàdead!)

Turn 1 Evil JSA

Yo Jimbo led off with his impetuous order and straight into the Ryuken HRL!  Again, Jimmy smoke dodged but the template took out 1 Koala and a nearby Kempeitai SMMR!  Jimmy continue on into the midfield under smoke and threw out some more to cover Nick’s Ryuken SMG but he tripped my Ryuken’s mine but tanked the ARM save. So he reveals his other Oniwaniban from HD right next to my Ryuken and monofilaments him in half, but in an act of spite, the Ryuken plants a mine right next to the Oniwaniban!

He moves his Ryuken through the smoke and gets a LoF onto my Ryuken HRL on the roof and manages to take him down, and then goes on to plant another mine right next to Saito.

Next he stands up a Keisotsu Paramedic and Medkit Pistols the burnt but not yet dead Kempeitai SMMR, and kills him (Paramedics – deadliest unit in the game).

Jimmy decides to go the other way (away from Saito) to get into total cover at the end of the turn.

Turn 2 JSA

No guts no glory! Saito throws himself into a dodge, makes it and takes out 3 mines and a Koala!  He then heads over to the Raiden and vapourises him with 6 explosive wounds. Then moves into contact with a console. A Keisotsu CoC joins him on the console (To avoid the effect of the INTEL COM nullifying a specialist).

WOTW8 - 20

Time to claim the middle ground.  The Domaru, Keisotsu, Kemeitai (DKK) Fire Team head up the table.  The Domaru FO Combi takes the lead and manages to take out a Nick’s Keisotsu Paramedic at long range.  He then closes onto Jimmy (keeping out of Nanopulsar range) and puts him down! Continuing to move, the Domaru takes out Nick’s FO/Sensor Weibing REM. With the final orders the Kempeitai SMMR MSV2 takes the lead and tries to discover the obviously Ninja TO Camo marker but rolls a 20!

Turn 2 Evil JSA

Dangerously close to retreat but not quite (I did my maths right).  Nick tried to move the Oniwaniban (trying to replicated Saito’s success dodging) and instead is blown into dog food sized chunks by the mine.  Nick moves in on my link team with the Ninja. He moves, I discover, he moves again and I succeed to discover.  The Ninja then moves again into CC and wins but the Kempeitai makes the ARM save vs PH12.

Turn 3 JSA

The Domaru FO break out of the link and goes into CC with the Ninja.  Getting 2 dice due to his Kempeitai buddy he soon chops up the Ninja. The Fireteam then reforms and heads of to the North Western console taking out the last two Keisotsu on the table (one of which was Nick’s LT).  Shinobu finally reveals and moves up a bit.

Turn 3 Evil JSA

No Evil JSA left!

Final Score

Stuart “sam2064” Full Win. 3 TP, 7 OP (More quadrants 4 OP, 2 Consoles 2 OP, Secure HVT), 250 AP.

Nick “Jedkar Mifune” Loss. 0 TP. 0 OP. O AP

Game 3

  • Mission: Hunting Party
  • Opponent: Sabrina “Babsicle”
  • Faction: Nomads “JSA Bonus”
  • List: B

Hunting party is always a real pig of a mission!  I had also ended up playing on the tableI had put together with Andy!  We rolled initiative as we both had chosen JSA.  I won and chose turn order and went first.

WOTW8 - 24

I decided to castle up in the South East corner rather than spread my force over the whole DZ.  I put mu Keisotsu ML on the roof and the team in the building.  The Daiyokai/Domaru/Neko haris (DDN) was at the back of the building.  The only unit I put out forward was the Shikami, who started prone in a walkway/corridor with windows.

Sabrina did the same and castled up in the North West corner. A Reaktion Zond TR HMG on the roof on overwatch.

I rolled for Shinobu – and failed!

Sabrina rolled and succeded, and a camo token went down in LoF of my Daiyokai.

I decided to give the Daiyokai the Hardened option for an additional ADHL (so now he had 2, which meant burst 3 in the active turn in a Haris).  Sabrina gave hers to her Kriza (yep Full Auto/ADHL is a thing).

Interestingly we were both running 10 order lists (Sabrina had 9 orders, so I knew there was a Cat in orbit waiting to come down!)

Turn 1 JSA

Even though Shinobu had failed, I had placed her on the western side, ready to make a run at Castle Nomad.  One issue, the Reaktion Zone.  So I moved up, returned to TO Camo and performed a text book TO/Cover/Surprise Shot attack on the REM imposing a -12 to hit.  All it could do was dodge on a 4.  I however missed every shot!  I decided to try again with out the surprise shot for a -9, so the Zond needed a 2….CRIT! Down went Shinobu.

WOTW8 - 29

OK, so what’s plan B then? I activated the DDN link and triedto discover/shoot the camo marker.  Bran de Castro revealed and laid a shotgun over the Daiyokai, Domaru and Neko! The Daiyokai made the save but the Domaru and Neko both took a wound.  I broken the Domaru out of the link and sent it wide to avoid any more templates, took another hit bit made the ARM save.  The Domaru the assaulted Bran and put him down.

WOTW8 - 28

They Keisotsu ML got a long range shot off on to an Alguacil, but he dodged.

Turn 1 Nomads

Sabrina led off with her LT Interventor Hacker, and ran away.  She went deep into a building, but got close enough to Spot Light Shinobu’s unconscious body! Targeted! 1 Point classified scored.

Next up a Zero (camo) made its way up the table and just short of my DDN link dropped a repeater.

Turn 2 JSA

So I now had a repeater to deal with before I could move out.  The Keisotsu link came out of the building, first gunning down the repeator and then gunning down the Zero.

I then mover off with the DDN link, heading right into the middle of the table.  I took a shot on the Kriza with my Daiyokai using twin Panzerfausts but was beaten, but easily made the ARM save. I took a shot at the Kriza, got a hit with the Red Fury, but he tanked it and fell back into full cover.

So I decided to go the other way around the centre building and took out an Aguiacil on the way.

Turn 2 Nomads

It was a real standoff. To break it, Sabrina bought in the Hellcat HMG and tried to Combat Drop it onto the roof where my Keisotsu ML was. He failed his roll, scattered and got taken out in ARO.

Sabrina then moved in with her Intruder HMG and surpise shot my Daiyokai, who tanked the ARM saves and fell back to avoid further shots.

The Kriza was next up. The Kriza is a complete beast of a unit. With a HMG B4 BS13 and full auto level 2, it effectively acts like a Burst 5 HMG with mimitism (only you can’t overcome that with MSV).  All for only 54 Points – Kriza’s are right in the top 5 of best units in the game.  He moved up, shredded my Kempeitai SMMR and then Yuriko Oda (who unfortunately only went to unconscious).  She then places the Kriza into Suppression Fire.

Turn 3 JSA

Last turn and I have to make a big push.  My Shikami can’t do anything without being hit by that Reaktion Zond.  I decide to RAMBO up the table with the Daiyokai Haris. Firstly, the Daiyokai managed to shoot down the Intruder, through weight of dice!  They then moved off and engage the Zond.  It tanks the ARM save.  The Daiyokai keeps moving and shooting again. It takes a wound.  The Daiyokai moves again, with the Domaru and Neko following, now into LoF of the Kriza on Suppression.  The Daiyokai continues to move up tanking the hits it takes.  Sabrina uses the Reaktion Zond to take out the Domaru but gets taken down by the normal, non F2F roll from the Daiyokai.

Two orders left.  The Daiyokai has made it behind the Kriza’s LoF. Neko breaks the link and Assaults the Kriza, but rolls a 3 and gets cut down by the Suppression Fire.  In the last order the Daiyokai moves around the back of the building and attacks 2 or Sabrina’s specialists with his ADHL Launcher. The first one misses.  The second shot hits a clockmaker and he rolls a 1 for the PH-6 save! Bugger!

WOTW8 - 30

Turn 3 Nomads

Sabrina had won, but by how much.  She used the Kriza to take out the Daiyokai who failed 3 ARM saves and went to dead! The Kriza then popped out and ADHL’d the unconscious Yuriko.  Finally, the Kriza hosed down the Keisotsu ML.

[RULES INTERLUDE] Turns out that you can’t stack Full Auto with Suppression Fire any more as Suppression Fire is a State and not a BS attack.  That means my Neko would have only received a -3 to CC/Assault the Kriza for Suppression, and not an additional -3 for Full Auto as well.  With the dice roll of a 3, it didn’t actually matter!

Final Score

Stuart “sam2064”. Loss 0 TP.  0 OP. 108 AP

Sabrina ‘Babsicle”. Partial Victory.  2 TO.  4 OP (“Targeted” Classified 1 OP, Secured HVT 1 OP, More specialist “Hunted Down” 2 OP). 156 OP.

Final Standings

After the dust settled I ended up 9th/14 with 3 TP, 9 OP and 501 AP.  There had been some really close games that could have gone either way, so despite the low placing I should be happy with that result.  Tournament fatigue definitely set it and I made quite a few tactical mistakes, but that’s Infinity for you! Chess with CRITS.

Thanks to Graham “Gamma Ray” for TO’ing the tournament and to the hosts IBuyWargames for a great spread of prize support (I have to say I was gunning for that special edition O-Yoro).  Part of the prize support pack from Corvus Belli were two framed pictures of Bostria and Hellious, one commiserating (last place), and one celebrating (1st place)! Brilliant Stuff

Looking forward to the next tournament!

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  1. Jedkar Mifune says:

    Sad Panda… mistakes were made in game 2 but learned a lot too. Thanks for the game. Note that although your Shinobu Lt was hidden you still had a kempei chain of command on the table and so I couldnt in all honesty take away this crushing victory from you. Till next time. Jedkar Mifune out.


  2. Nasca says:

    Nice battle reports!


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