Photographing Miniatures

Painting miniatures is one thing, but getting great photographs to show all that hard work you have put in is another. Photographing miniatures is really a dark art! After feedback about taking photos against plain backgrounds rather than scenic backdrops I experimented with simple white of black card but didn’t get anywhere. So £10 later off eBay I got a USB fold up Lightbox. It comes with a USB powered light strip, and two back grounds, white and black (well more charcoal grey).

I enjoy photography and have a Canon 550 DSLR and tripod, After consulting the internet and endless samples I finalised these settings on manual.

Exposure 1″. F/16. White Balance – Daylight. ISO 100. Distance from camera to subject 25cm. 18-55 mm lens.

I tried 3 types of miniatures. My new Wu Ming (in cyan), some brightly coloured miniatures, and two dark black/grey Has Tao.

The miniatures were placed half way along the lighbox which helps avoid focus on the background. I did find the black background better than the white, as the white seemed to pick up some blue tones from the LEDs.




I then added an additional horizontal lighting source (using my daylight fluorescent painting lamp)


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