Winter Wonderland ITS Scenario

‘Tis the season to be Jolly, fa la la la la, la la, la la.

Collected presents from Santa’s Sack, fa la la la la, la la, la la.

Place the presents under the tree, fa la la la la, la la, la la.

Throw Snowballs until retreat, fa la la la la, la la, la LAAAAA!.

Schneemann in Landschaft im Winter

Special Rules: Non-Lethal, Ice Cream Headache, Specialist Troopers, Santa’s Sack, Carrot-Tracker, High Value Snowman, Presents, Christmas Tree, Open Present, Special Weapons, SnowTality

Mission Objectives

Main Objectives

  • Place a Parcel under opponent’s tree [1 each/Maximum 3]
  • Place more Parcels under opponent’s tree [2 Points]
  • Open more Parcels from Santa’s Sack [2 Points]
  • Secure enemies High Value Snowman [1 Point]
  • Carrot-Tracker places carrot on High Value Snowman [2 Points]


There are no classified objectives.


Both players will deploy on opposite sides of the game table, in a standard Deployment Zone 12 inches deep.

Two Santa’s Sacks are placed in the 24” central line each 12” for the East and West table edge.  No troopers may start in base contact with a Santa’s Sac.

A Christmas Tree is placed on the edge of each players Deployment Zone 12” from the North/South table edge and 24” From the East/West Table Edge.  Troopers may start in base contact with the Christmas Tree in their own Deployment Zone (But not their opponents).

Scenario Special Rules


No player may initiate any action which could result in any trooper being placed in a Dead, Sepsitorised or Unconscious state. Stun Special Ammo may not be used in this Scenario (Flash Ammo can be used).

Ice-Cream Headache

All Hacking attacks which would cause Wounds, instead cause the target to have an and to enter the Chilled State.

Special Weapons


All troopers gain the Snowball Weapon Profile. Snowballs may be used in Close Combat (with Martial Arts) or as a BS Attack.

Name Short Medium Long Maximum Damage B Ammo Traits
Snowball 0”-8” +3 8”-16” -6 PH 1 Snow CC, Speculative Fire

Ice Cannon

Any Trooper with a Flame thrower (Light or Heavy) or Chain-Rifle/Chain-Colt gain an Ice Cannon (either Light or Heavy)

Name Short Medium Long Maximum Damage B Ammo Traits
Ice Cannon 13 (Light)



1 Ice Small Teardrop (Light)

Large Teardrop (Heavy), Intuitive,

Snow Special Ammo




After a successful attack using Snow Special Ammunition, the target must make an ARM Roll.


If the Target fails an ARM roll they are Chilled.  To enter the Chilled State, a trooper needs to have been Chilled a number of times equal to their Wounds (W) or Structure (STR).

Name Short Medium Long Maximum Damage B Ammo Traits
Brandy 0”-8” +3 8”-16”


1 Apply Brandy

Ice Special Ammo




After a successful attack using Ice Special Ammunition, the target must make a PH Roll.


If the Target fails to roll bellow their PH they enter the Iced state.

Chilled State

When a trooper enters a Chilled state they do not generate any orders and may not be activated. (Null State)

(Valor: Dogged and No-wound Incapacitation can’t be used to avoid this state)

1 Level of Chilled may be removed by successful application of Eggnog or Brandy (For units with Wounds) or De-Icer (for units with structure).

If a trooper is in base contacted with a trooper in a Chilled state they may apply Brandy.  The effected trooper makes a PH-3 roll, if successful the Chilled state is cancelled.  If unsuccessful, the trooper enters the Snozzled state.

Brandy may be thrown to troopers (to immediately use) with the following ranges.

Iced State

When a trooper enters the Iced state, they are placed in the Immobilised Level 2 state.  This state may be cancelled automatically by an Engineer with De-Icer, or by any other trooper making a Short Skill (Chip Away) roll (lower than PH)

After an attack with Ice Special Ammo, after the conclusion of the attack, place a circular template anywhere where the centre of the circular template is within the initial Direct Template Attack. This now becomes Ice Terrain and remains for 2 turns.

Any trooper who attempts to move in an Ice Terrain must make a PH-3 roll.  If they fail, place a circular template with the 1 to the centre and roll a d20.  The trooper then moves in that direction for the remainder of their intended movement, or until they reach the edge of the Ice Terrain.

Prone troopers or Troopers with Multi-terrain may ignore these effects.

Snozzled State

Troopers with any level of Valour or Ghost are immune to this state.

Troopers in this state become Extremely Impetuous at the start of the next activation.

Whenever the trooper is activated by expending an order on them roll a D20.

Less than or equal to PH-6 Trooper acts normally
Less than PH but above PH-6 Trooper acts with the following attributes halved (BS, PH, MOV, WP)
Above PH to PH+3 Trooper goes prone (if possible) and states loudly how much he loves everyone (in a slurred voice)
Above PH+3 Trooper attacks closest Friendly Trooper
20 Trooper passes out and enters a null state

Snozzled state may not be cancelled (until the next morning, at which point the trooper enters the HungOver State).

Special Equipment

  • De-Icer:  All ENGINEERS gain the De-Icer equipment
  • Brandy: All Paramedic Specialists gain the Brandy equipment
  • Eggnog: All DOCTORS gain the Eggnog equipment

Collect Present




Trooper must be in base contact with any Santa’s Sack


  • Any trooper may pick up a Present from Santa’s Sack with a Short Skill.
  • Any trooper may open a Present either immediately (not requiring a further action) or on a later action (using a separate Short Skill) if they pass a successful WP roll.
  • Troopers who are specialist may Shake the present – They may immediately roll a WP Roll to see what the present is, and then may choose to open it or not.
  • Troopers with the Booty or Scavenger skill may search through the Presents and select the one they wish to have.  They may then open it with no roll required.
  • As a Short Skill a trooper may take an un-opened present from a friendly trooper, or an enemy trooper in a null state.
  • Troopers may only carry one present, unless they have baggage, in which case they can carry two.

Place Present under Tree




Trooper must be in base contact with Christmas Tree in opponents Deployment Zone.


  • Presents maybe place under a Christmas tree if the trooper is in base to base contact with the Christmas Tree by spending a Short Skill, and no Enemy troopers are in base to base contact with the Christmas Tree.
  • Opened presents my not be placed under the Christmas Tree.
  • Presents under the Christmas Tree may not move picked up or opened by any Trooper (until Christmas Day)

Present Table

Roll Present/Effect
1-2 Santa Outfit.  Trooper enters the Impersonator Level 1 State
3-4 Santa’s Sleigh.  Trooper gains a Sleigh and may immediately mount it.  Base size 55mm, S4, Move 8-6, Fly (Super Jump), Baggage.  Note any Santa’s sleigh may be acquired and mounted by any trooper if it is empty or if the pilot is in a null state
5-6 Santa’s Little Helper.  Trooper gains a G: Servant Remote with Mimistim, S1, BS10, PH10, ARM 0, BTS 3. SLH’s can collect and carry Presents.
7-8 Christmas Jumper.  All attacks made vs the trooper is now at +3 due to high visibility. All levels of Camo or ODD are nullified.
9-10 Vintage Cognac.  Trooper immediately enters the Snoozled State.
11-12 Trooper gains the Brady Special Equipment
13-14 Thermal Underwear – Trooper gains +3 ARM to all damage caused by Snow Special Ammo
15-16 Fairy Lights – Trooper gains the ODD skill and a Flash Pulse
17-18 Ice Skates – Trooper gains Multi-terrain Ice
19 Yellow Snowballs – All Snowballs thrown by this trooper are now Damage 14 and cause, require an additional BTS roll, and are Breaker Special Ammo (Half BTS).
20 Christmas Carols – This trooper and all troopers (friendly and enemy) within Zone of Signing/Control (and controlling players) break into Christmas Carol verse for 1 turn.  While singing, troopers may not initiate actions but can ARO as normal.


All TAGs gain the SnowTality special skill.  All Snowballs thrown by TAG’s must use the Impact Template (Circular) and become indiscriminate (will effect enemy and friendly targets).

Carrot Tracker and Secure High Value Snowman

Each player at the start of their deployment must place a single High Value Snowman anywhere on the table (at least 4″ outside any Deployment Zone). HVS can’t be CivEvac’d and may not be the target of any attacks.

At the end of deployment and in initiative Order each player must designate a single trooper to be the Carrot Tracker.  This trooper may not be deployed in (or later enter) a Camo or Impersonation State, and must start deployed on the table.

If your troopers is in 8” of the High Value Snowman at the end of the game (and the opponent is not in 8” or your High Value Snowman) it is Secured (for 1 OP).  If a Carrot Tracker finishes the game in base contact with a High Value Snowman and Secures it, they may place a Carrot on the Snowman for a nose and gain 2 OP.

End of the Mission

This scenario has a limited time frame, so it will automatically finish at the end of the third Game Round.

If one of the players starts his Active Turn in a Retreat! situation, the game will end at the end of that Turn.

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