Totally Crit X2 Silent but Deadly

Two big tournaments in two weeks! A busy time for Infinity!  This time I was flying solo and headed up to Hydra @High Brooms (Near Tonbridge), Kent for the Totally Crit X2 – LIMITED INSERTION tournament…  This was the first time I had played in a full 3 round Limited Insertion tournament, and although I had played a one shot at Hydra  with my Yu Jing Guijia list, for this tournament I wanted to go back to my roots and play my first army the JSA! We had 14 players, including some of the to UK Masters players.  Thanks to Rob “Bobman” and John “Bossman”, two of the Totally Crit Podcast, ‘Crit Heads’ were on hand to TO, and organised the event!

The missions selected were all Direct Action –

  • Frontline
  • Looting and Sabotage
  • Decapitation

Although I had played all these missions before (Including Looting and Sabotage in Strikezone: Wotan) – with the arrival of ITS season 9 and the introduction of the High Value Target and Data Tracker, the missions had changed considerably!  Time for something a little experimental!

The Tables


My Lists

When this was first announced my initial though was to go straight to the Neko Oyama, Domaru, Haramaki fire team – a JSA classic!  I had played this list before with 3 Karakuri, backed up by a Rui Shi for MSV and the required Keisotsu Hacker who could also buff the Rui Shi – it had worked quite well.  BUT I had just bought two new Shikami and in a rush managed to put them together, undercoat them, and get three colours on one of them.  I really hate to play with unpaited models – not that I have anything against people playing with bare metal, needs must sometimes, but I always try to avoid it.

My other list was something entirely different – an untamed beast of a list which I knew from experience could be very effective or go completely wrong.  The infamous complete Camo-List.  Before I had played it with 8 TO Camo models and a WarCor, but this time I included 3 Raiden HRL’s each with minelayer, giving me 6 Camo Markers, 6 TO Camo in Hidden Deployment and a WarCor – which is the only item that appeared on the courtesy list!  The regular orders of the Raiden could be used with Command Tokens to perform Co-Ordinated orders with the TO Camo markers allowing me to get them into position.  They could then use their own orders to strike (which they can only spend on themselves when they are deployed in Hidden Deployment)!  Of course, I never got the change to test this list but no time like the present!

logo_203.png TCX2 List A

orden_regular.png9  orden_irregular.png1
logo_4.pngRAIDEN (Minelayer, X Visor) Heavy Rocket Launcher, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 21)
logo_4.pngRAIDEN (Minelayer, X Visor) Heavy Rocket Launcher, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 21)
logo_4.pngRAIDEN (Minelayer, X Visor) Heavy Rocket Launcher, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 21)
logo_23.pngSAITO TOGAN Combi Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, EXP CCW, Knife. (0 | 39)
logo_21.pngSHINOBU Combi Rifle, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, Monofilament CCW. (0.5 | 47)
logo_10.pngONIWABAN Lieutenant Boarding Shotgun, Nanopulser / Pistol, Monofilament CCW. (1 | 41)
logo_10.pngONIWABAN Boarding Shotgun, Nanopulser / Pistol, Monofilament CCW. (0 | 41)
logo_9.pngNINJA Hacker (Killer Hacking Device) Tactical Bow / Pistol, DA CCW, Knife. (0 | 29)
logo_9.pngNINJA Combi Rifle / Pistol, DA CCW, Knife. (0 | 35)
logo_27.pngWARCOR (Sixth Sense L1) Flash Pulse / Stun Pistol, Knife. (0 | 3)

6 SWC | 298 Points

Open in Infinity Army

logo_203.png TCX2 List B

orden_regular.png10  orden_impetuosa.png3
logo_6.pngDOMARU Spitfire / Pistol, E/M CCW. (2 | 38)
logo_7.pngHARAMAKI Blitzen, Light Shotgun / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 24)
logo_7.pngHARAMAKI Missile Launcher / Pistol, DA CCW. (1.5 | 33)
logo_7.pngHARAMAKI Blitzen, Combi Rifle / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 29)
logo_22.pngOYAMA Lieutenant Chain Rifle, E/M Grenades / Breaker Pistol, AP CCW, EXP CCW. (0 | 28)
logo_28.pngSHIKAMI (Fireteam: Duo) Contender, Nimbus Grenades / Assault Pistol, DA CCW, AP CCW, Knife. (0.5 | 46)
logo_28.pngSHIKAMI Combi Rifle / Pistol, DA CCW, AP CCW, Knife. (0 | 47)
logo_12.pngRUI SHI Spitfire / Electric Pulse. (1 | 20)
logo_11.pngTOKUSETSU KOHEI Engineer Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 14)
logo_1.pngKEISOTSU Hacker (Hacking Device) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 17)
logo_18.pngYÁOZĂO Electric Pulse. (0 | 3)

5.5 SWC | 299 Points

Open in Infinity Army

Game 1

  • Opponent: Mike “Reyzah”
  • Faction: Aleph
  • Mission: Frontline
  • List: A


With 6 of my units deploying with Infiltration (or Superior infiltration) this seemed the ideal mission to try out my Silent and Deadly list.

I won the initiative and baited my opponent by choosing to Deploy Second.  In Front Line as scoring occurs at the end of the game going 2nd is considered a huge advantage – so I was hoping that what Rob would go for, but no!  I think he knew that vs a JSA list having the opponent have both 1st turn and 2nd deployment was a deadly combination, so he elected to take the 1st turn – and then revealed he had Strategos!  This meant that he had a Marut!

Mike deploys all his troopers bar two hold backs – which I correctly guessed would be – his Marut and a trio of Proxies, because in Limited Insertion what Aleph player wouldn’t take 3 units for the price of 1 slot.  I threw both Shinobu and one of my Oniwaniban’s into superior infiltration each taking one side of the table, and nailed both rolls.  My 2nd Oniwaniban as my Lt. was placed as a TO Marker in a building, with Saito Togan just outside and a Ninja both in Hidden Deployment.

In a fake out I placed two mines on rooftops with the Raidens on ground level and then placed the right most Raiden on a roof with the mine on the ground.  Part of the job of the Raiden was not to ARO but to soak up orders in Discover attempts!

After taking a good long look at the empty table, down went the Marut on the right flank – right next to my Oniwaniban!!!!


His three Proxies went down, and Engineer on a roof top, a FO SMG in forward deployment and a Hidden Deployment (Which I knew from past games was a TO Camo Assault Hacker).

I chose my WarCor to be my Data Tracker, and Mike selects his Marut.


Turn 1 Aleph

He kicked off with a Myrmidon throwing smoke out in front of the Marut.  The Marut set off, and move into the smoke to gain LoF on one of my Camo Markers at ground level on the left, which couldn’t ARO as it had no LoF, and took a long-range Discover attempt.  At this point I could have taken an uncontested ARO shot  as a 2nd ARO but I decided to leave it and hope he would fail, which he didn’t.  Out popped a Raiden HRL who tried to dodge but the Marut in the smoke put him down with HMG fire!  The Marut continued to move up and gained LoF on my Raiden on the right most rooftop.  This time he didn’t move – discover, but waited till the next order and did a discover shoot.  I lost my nerve and went for the dodge, and made it, beating the burst 4 HMG, and went prone!

Changing tac, Mike activated his Forward Deploying Proxy and moved up to the building with my Oniwaniban TO Camo Marker and popped open the door (we had decided that doors open with a Short Skill Activate and open in the Resoltion phase  – which is how they SHOULD work . Next order he moves in and used the door for cover to see my marker, I decide to hold my nerve and do nothing with the Oniwaniban, and his does a discover – and succeeds!  Next order he runs screaming out of the building spraying the Oniwaniban with SMG fire, who answers with his Shotgun…and the Proxy CRITS him! LT DOWN!  Funnily though he stops just next to Saito – looking the wrong way, MUHAHAHAHA.

Almost out of orders, Rob used a Denavas Hacker on a rooftop to buff his TR HMG.  He then retreated the Marut back into his DZ and then place it, the TR REM, the FO Proxy and another unit in suppression.

Turn 1 JSA

You might think that being in Loss of Luietenant was a bad thing, but for this list it’s not so much as most units are spending their own orders.  At the order count I generate 3 irregular orders (2 Raiden and the WarCor).

Saito Togan couldn’t resist any longer.  The FO Proxy is in suppression fire in the wrong direction and so Saito spends his own order and pops out, moves an inch and chops him into sushi (6 explosive armour saves).


The key to this list was in Co-ordinated orders. So I spend a Command Token to turn a irregular order into a regular and another Command Token to spend that now Regular Order as a Co-ordinated Order.  Shinobi moves 8” towards a Myrmidon (who Delays).  Saito retreats into the safety of the room he was next to.  A Ninja Combi moves as a TO Camo marker up to the now open door, and the Oniwaniban appears about 10” from the Marut.  He moves 8” and is discovered by a YudBot, while the Marut delays.

Next the Oniwaniban spends his own order and rushes the Marut – at first Rob says Flame Thrower…..but then changes his mind when he realises that a CC24 MA4 Monofilament killing machine is running at him and choses CC.  Then to my surprise he reveals his TO Camo Assualt Hacker Proxy with Boarding Shotgun and takes a shot!  The Oniwaniban takes a MA4 burst 2 attack on the Marut.  The Proxy misses his shot!  The Oniwaniban wins and plants two hits on the Marut, but no crits.  The Marut fails its Damage 12 ARM saves and is neatly bisected!

The Ninja with Combi spends his own order to come out of Camo and shoots down a NetRod which landed in the center table.

Shinobu has a bit of a hard choice.  She can run straight at a Myrmidon and probably take a chain rifle on the way in, or try and move around the back of the Myrmidon which would then put her in range on the TR HMG…. So I decide to take my chances with the Myrmidon.  She spends her own order and moved into CC with the Myrmidon, who does ARO with a chain rifle, I could dodge on a 13 but I decide to try and tank it and hit him in CC and kill him, but fail the ARM save and go down to the chain rifle.

I convert another irregular order to a regular order and place the Ninja with Combi on Suppression.

I spend my last command token and trade up the last irregular order for to use as a regular order on the Oniwaniban.  He runs towards a Flash Pulse REM (which was being the Marut), the Proxy AHD and REM ARO, and so the Oniwaniban splits his shotgun blasts between the two targets.  CRIT – The Proxy’s shotgun takes the Oniwaniban down!

My last Hidden Ninja is a killer hacker, but right above her is one of Mike,s Camo markers so I leave her in place.

I select Saito as my new Lt.

Turn 2 Aleph

Now in Loss of Lt himself Mike takes a good long look at the table to work out how much stuff I have bought out and what I might still have out there!  He relaunches Assissted Fire on his TR Bot and moves it out a bit to take a shot on my Ninja with Combi in suppression.  Still on -6 (TO, Supression, +3 Range) the Ninja wins an puts the TR REM down!

The Proxy KHD moved up the table, as does the Flash Pulse REM.  His Proxy Engineer on the roof top moves a couple of inches putting it into the scoring zone.  Moving up is ever important in Front Line!

Mike starts to move the Camo marker on the roof of the central building, down the stairs.  He then spends a Command Token to trade up to a Regular order and moves at bit more, then the Naga KHD reveals and lays a mine.  My Hidden Ninja KHD then gets to ARO to the minelaying action (as the first move was in stealth), choses Skullbuster – and rolls an 18 when I need 16’s!!!  With his last order spending another command token, the Naga attacks the Ninja with Trinity, I throw a RedRum back and get CRITTED!

Turn 2 JSA

I’m low on orders, but so is Mike, so I just need to hold the line!  I want to start clearing out units in the Middle zone.  Trouble is there is a mine within 8” of the door I want Saito to go through.  So I spend 1 order to move to the door.  Next order he opens the door and backs away – as the door opens at resolution, the mine does not go off.  Saito then puts a burst into the Naga KHD on the stairs and puts him down.

With no real options left I turtle up and place Saito into suppression and move my WarCor (Data Tracker) twice getting into the middle score zone and tucker away safely behind a building.

Turn 3 Aleph

Mike starts by throwing a YudBot towards his TR REM and repairing it.  The YudBot takes 3 shots of suppression from the Ninja but they all miss.

The Proxy AHD spends more orders moving further up the table and well into my scoring zone and then bunkers down in a door way.

Turn 3 JSA

So this is where the power of going 2nd helps in this mission.  In Mike’s Zone are a Proxy Engineer and a Danavas Hacker.  In the Middle zone there is my WarCor (Data Tracker), Saito Togan and Ninja with Combi Rifle, and Rob’s Flash Pulse Lamedh REM which I know only costs about 8 points.  In my scoring zone is Mike’s TO Camo Proxy AHD which is have no idea of the cost of but think (Wrongly!) it will be a lot.

I make the decision not to try and take Mike’s Zone as moving Saito and the Ninja out will involve crossing the LoF of the Zayin TR HMG REM, and although I would have the advantage CRITS happen!  I know Rob has his INTELCOM card so I decide to leave them in place and definitely claim the 4pts for the center zone (3 points + 1 for the Data Tracker).

Time to be gutsy!  I move+move up my 21 point Raiden HRL into my scoring zone, then spend another order to idle and slide a mine around the corner.  Next the Raiden moves out and back in (over the top of the mine) to get a LoF on the Proxy AHD while keeping in partial cover.  The Proxy dodges as an ARO.  The mine goes off and the Raiden shoots with 2 pistol shots and misses, and the Proxy dodges the mine!  Out of options for a win, I move up into ZoC of Rob’s HVT and go for the draw.

Final Score

A real tough game that swung both ways!  I didn’t manage to land a single crit though but got plenty in return – the dice were not with me!

Mike DRAW 1 TP, 5 OP, 120 VP

Stuart DRAW 1 TP, 5 OP, 119 VP


It’s worth noting that this game did end in a bit of debate.  In the last action of the game I moved my Raiden up to avoid getting into the Proxy’s LoF.  After I placed the model Mike declared an ARO with his TR bot from across the table which I hadn’t seen.  Now the way I’m used to playing is that the players work together so if I’m going to cross a LoF my opponent will tell me and visa versa (so when Mike’s Marut moved out I declared without asking that he was in LoF of my Camo marker).  Otherwise IMHO the game would slow down as each time before I move a model I would have to say, “If I move to here along this path will any of your units on the table have an ARO”, which is of course open information.  But having to say that each time really slows the game down so in my meta is assumed. Mike however felt differently in that I had moved my model without asking if it crossed the LoF of the TR bot, so the ARO should stand.  For the record, by the letter of the law, Mike is correct, but this is where I think game etiquette and the meta ruling of the “Intent” gets very grey.  While we did disagree about it, but Mike did allow me to move my Raiden back the 1” enough not to cross the LoF of the TR REM, without getting a TO ruling.  Looking back neither of us was 100% correct and it’s certainly an issue in tournament play.  Thanks Mike for your great sportsmanship!  It was a tense game, the best ones always are!

Game 2

  • Opponent: Luis “DrJarkoMalone”
  • Faction: Bakunin
  • Mission: Looting and Sabotage
  • List: B


Let’s start this one off by saying L&S is a mission with a few flaws…We discussed several questions as a group before the kick off of game 2 including:

“Can you get a bonus to burst in CC if you have multiple members of the same Fire Team, or multiple troopers using a Co-Ordinated order?”

ANSWER – No, as in the text off the rule book both refer to the bonus to burst applying only when attaching an enemy trooper and scenery isn’t a trooper/

“Can you place Demolition Charges as a Short Skill, or do they have to be placed using a CC attack at CC -3”

ANSWER – Placing demo charges as a short skill is not listed as a CC attack so by the rules of the scenario can’t be used in that way.  You need to make a successful CC -3 attack.  If you miss that demo charge is used as they are disposable.

Right, now that’s out of the way on to the game!

Luis an I had faced off a couple of times, both in my favour, but only just!  He was playing Bakunin again – an I was expecting a tooled up Moria FireTeam but he surprised me with his choice of units!

I won initiative and chose to take turn order and go first – going for the alpha strike.  He chose to deploy second.  I had chosen the big hitting Neko/Domoru/Haramaki Fire Team to charge up the table, so I set them up in the centre, and placed my new Shikami Fire Team Duo on the right flank.

Lous deployed a variety of REM’s, and a Task Master/Red Fury with Koalas but no Fire Team.  I could tell there was a big gap in his points so I knew he had a TAG in holdback!  I kept my Rui Shi back, and then he puts down his Lizard with Heavy Grenade Launcher!

I choose Neko Oyama as my Data Tracker and Luis choses his Lizard. Luis then spends a command token to use his Salyut EVO Zond to launch Overclock EVO-Gadget supportware on his 4 REMS!

Turn 1 JSA

The table was a little odd, there was a raised catwalk area cutting across half the table from left to centre which block all LoF to units at ground level, but by getting up on some of the crates you could get a clear LoF to anything on the other side of the table which was also up on those crates.

Luis had set up some good ARO pieces.  2 Flash Pulse equipped Transductor Zonds and a Tsyklon Sputnik with Feurbach on a crate in the North Western corner, which had a great LoF cutting the table along the diagonal.

I activated the link team and lead off with the Domaru with Spitfire and took down one Transductor Zond at long range for both of us.  Next the Haramaki with Missile Launcher vaulted onto a crate (which was below S2) and popped a missile scrapping another Transductor Zond.  Luckily due to the complex nature of the centre terrain I could do this with no LoF to the Lizard of Tsyklon.  Them I was able to slide just an inch to the right and get Lizard in range.  I was at good range at 37” while he was out of good range with his Multi HMG.  I managed to land one missile hit and get knock off one structure.  He failed his guts roll and had to move out of my LoF, but that also made him move out of cover – this he HAD to do as his 2” move did place him in full cover so it was an advantage.  I activated again moving up my link team and the Haramaki ML to get in LoF again, but then I realized my mistake.  He popped a Heavy Grenade right into my link team catching 2 Haramaki and Neko.  This did mean that the ML was unopposed and landed two AP shots and put him unconscious, but he did place a wound on my Domoru, and Neko.  Knowing he had a Moria Engineer on hand I put another missile or two into the TAG and smoked it.

All good do far…. I decide to push up to the centre ground and take on the Tsyklon with Feurbach.  My Haramaki ML climbed a ladder onto a high platform and exchanged fire with the Tyklon in my good range and out of his!  But the Feurbach is still 0’s at 32”+ due to his X-Visor!  I was rolling B2 on 19’s vs his B2 on 12’s.  Neither of us had cover. BOOM, my Haramaki is reduced to a burning pile of ash…

OK Plan B.  I reform the Fire Team and send a Haramaki with Boarding Shotgun and Blitzen out to grab some cover and take a shot.  BOOM, he takes an AP-DA his and just manages to stay up but is out of shots.

Next I taken the shot with my Domaru with Spitfire, and he takes a hit!

Out of orders and options… and importantly I had not left an order for my Rui Shi to go into suppression…

Turn 1 Bakunin

Down by 3 orders, Luis kicks off with his Morlock who spends his Impetuous order “going over the top” and gets cut down by a luck CRIT from my Rui Shi.

Next up he starts to run his Lunokhod with Heavy Shot Gun up the table and takes on the Domoru with Spitfire and puts it down. As he was my Fire Team leader my team is broken. He sets his Koala’s into standby mode and then heads out crossing the ARO of my Haramaki BSG and both miss! He carries on hoping to flank me and moves to the western Panoply, makes the roll and pulls a fragging HMG!!!! Party time!!!! So he puts this to good use and moves up on my Rui Shi, keeping well out of its Repeator range and drills in with HMG fire putting it onto UNC Level 2.  He then has enough orders to flank my link team and get a shot off on Neko.

RULE INTERLUDE:  This one got a bit complicated and we had to get a Rob “Bobman” as TO over to go through it.  First short skill – The Lunakhod HMG moves into LoF of Neko Oyama.  A Haramaki (COmbi/Contender) is behind him so with no LoF.  1st ARO – Neko dodges.  2nd Short Skill – As Neko has now dodged (a move action) he no longer blocks LoF to the Haramaki behind him.  The Lunakod puts 3 HMG shots into Neko and 1 into the Lunakhod.  2nd ARO – As the Haramaki can now see the Lunakhod he now can ARO and shoots a Blitzen into the Lunakhod.  Dice roll.  Neko wins and dodges, and the Blitzen hits the Lunakhod and places it in IMM-2.  This is an odd rules situation which has been discussed a lot and as I understand it is a current item of scrutiny by the WarCors FAQ committee, in that when you declare dodge, you no longer block LoF so future ARO’s can be triggered by this new LoF through the dodging model…..

Back to the game.  Out of orders, Luis settles back – because he knows his Tyklon has me pinned down.

Turn 2 JSA

This was one of those pinned down in the trenches moments.  My Engineer couldn’t reach the Rui Shi, and the Tsyklon had it pinned down.  My Fire Team couldn’t move forward or backwards because the Tsyklon had LoF to both sides of their building.  My Shikami couldn’t super jump up the table because … you guessed it, the Tsyklon had a LoF which would cut them down.  That’s a great ARO piece placement Lous!!!  I had to start rolling the hard dice!  So I start off by reforming the link of now 3 and moved the Haramaki with Combi and 1 Blitzen shot left in range.  He fires of his Blitzen and gets beaten in the face to face and takes a hit but saves the ARM role.

Tsyklon with Feurbach locks down table!

Out of heavy weapons I decide I have to put the Rui Shi back in the game, so I move my Tokusetsu Engineer as far as possible without getting the ARO from the Tsyklon and then spend ANOTHER order doing a cautious move 4”.  Clear of the ARO zone I can spend a third order and Engineer the Rui Shi.  FAIL … Command Token … FAIL … Command Token … FAIL … Out of Command Tokens .. Rui Shi goes BOOM!

Plan C anyone?  Plan C sucked… I was left with shooting Combi Rifle shots into the Tsyklon from my Haramaki and landed one hit! But the Tsyklon passed its ARM.

Out of orders and losing the will to live…

Turn 2 Bakunin

Luis still has 7 orders!  Mainly because in the chaos of the last turn I didn’t shoot his IMM-2 Lunakhod so it was still generating orders.  He proceeded to pump these into his Task Master Red Fury and he went to work!  First off, he guns down my Tokusetsu Engineer who was still standing in the open surrounded by bits of Rui Shi and gets evaporated.  Next, he engages my Haramaki with Combi and puts him down.  Finally, he moves and gets a shot on Neko Oyama and puts him down.

Neko Oyama and his Haramaki team make a last stand against the Bakunin Task Master

Turn 3 JSA

Loss of Lieutenant.  My last Haramaki with Boarding Shotgun goes Impetuous and runs out screaming at the Task Master and gets evaporated by both the Red Fury and a Feurbach round.  With no command tokens to trade up orders I do a hail Mary and stand up my Hacker to get a LoF through a building over 40” and manage to him the Tsyklon with 1 round – and he makes his ARM roll.  My Shikami are too far out of the way to get anywhere useful…

Turn 3 Bakunin

So, it turns out the Task Master has a DA CCW, which he uses to great effect!  Spending 3 orders to get into base contact with my antenna without any ARO’s and then spends 4 orders hacking at it but only manages to get 2 structures on it!  But he is also the Lieutenant and on the last order he cleaves it in two!

Final Result

Luis TOTAL VICTORY 3 TP, 8 OP (3 Structure left on his AC2 – 3 OP, 3 structure damage on my AC2 – 3 OP, 1 OP for destroying my AC2, 1 OP for more Panoply activations), 208 VP

Stuart LOSS 0 TP, 0 OP, 110VP

Game 3

  • Opponent: J.C. “J.C. Haynes”
  • Faction: Yu Jing
  • Mission: Decapitation
  • List: A


Being out of contention for top placings is sometimes a good thing, so I could relax into the last game and rather than reach for the hammer of the Domaru/Haramaki link which was my original plan I decided to have some fun and give the Silent but Deadly Ninja list a second game.  I’d played JC before at TCXI at the same mission Yu Jing vs Yu Jing, but this time I had JSA and it was time for a Japanese revolution v’s the Imperial forces of the Jade Emperor!

I lost the initiative roll and JC chose to go first and I chose to deploy 2nd.  JC goes ahead and sets up his stiff included Strategos Level 3 Sun Tze, so I need to put down all my stuff! So I deploy my entire force, 6 Camo tokens, a WarCor and 3 Hidden Deployment infiltrators, 2 Hidden Deployment Superior Infiltrators (nailing both rolls) and a Oniwaniban (as my Data Tracker so he can’t be a marker).

JC returns to the table…stares for a long while at the lack of miniatures… and finally places his Yan Hao Twin Missile Launcher and his Krakot.

I name my Oniwaniban as my Data Tracker, and he names his Su Jian.

Turn 1 Yu Jing

JC kicks off with his Krakot.  He moves up on the left flank towards my prone Oniwaniban and then gets an ARO from a Raiden HRL, but the Krakot dodges!  He continues to move the Raiden pops another shot off and misses by the WarCor manages to stun the Krakot!

There is nothing like a Krakot running down the table to make you want a change of underwear!

With that attack blunted, he decides to Combat Jump in a Tiger with Spitfire right behind my Raiden, and luckily for me fluffs the roll, scatters off the table and is deployed on the back edge of his DZ.

Combat Jumps can be hit or miss!

Next up he moves his Su Jian (right past the Oniwaniban – patience is key here!) and places him looking out over the midfield.

Not sure what to do next, he starts to try and discover the Camo markers on the tops of the crates (which are al mines).  He fails one.  Then succeeds in another and blasts it with twin missiles!

Lastly he spends a command token and places 2 Zhanshi on a crate, another Zhanshi (right in from on Shinobu) and the Su Jian in suppression with a Co-Ordinated Order.

Turn 1 JSA

With my force completely intact I’m really able to go for it this turn!  With 4 regular orders and 1 irregular order in the order pool I have plenty of fuel.  I kick of with a Co-ordinated order.  Shinobu moves 8” past the suppressing Zhanshi to 1” away from the Yan Hao and Saito back her up moving up towards the suppressing Zhanshi.  The Ninja Combi moves around the crates on the right flank towards the Su Jian, and the Oniwaniban heads straight for the Su Jian from his rear!

Never has an Oniwaniban looked so sexy (Proxy O-Yoroi Pilot)

Spending his own order the Oniwaniban Surprise Attacks the Su Jian, scores two hits but the Su Jian makes both Damage 12 ARM rolls vs the Monofilament!  So, with the next order I co-ordinate an attack with both the Oniwaniban (Spearhead) and the Ninja Combi, attacking with MA4 and now burst 3 – still no crits, but this time the Su Jian fails an ARM save and gets chopped in half!

…did I say this was going to be a fair fight?

Shinobu spends her own order and moves in to the Yan Hao and neatly chops him in half with a CRIT (15+ using MA4 Burst 2).

The bigger they are…the more pieces they fall into

She then takes a regular order and splits a burst of 2 shots into the Tiger (who had failed his combat jump) and one into the back on the Zhanshi who fails to change face.  She misses all but one hit on the Tiger who saves.

Next a Raiden HRL in the middle slides over and takes a shot at the plucky Krakot.  He hits but the Krakot with +1ARM and Total Immunity from his metachemistry roll, shrugs off the attack.  So the Raiden hits him again and this time kills him with two hits!

I convert up the WarCors Irregular order and the Raiden guarding my HVTarg slides out and gets a LoF on the one of the suppressing Zhanshi.  He ARO’s with suppression but is outside 24” so the Raiden gets an uncontested B2 HRL shot on blast mode and incinerates both of the Zhanshi on the crate.

Saito uses his order to cover move ground towards the Zhanshi, but doesn’t quiet get there so just waits right next to her!

The Ninja KHD uses his order just to reposition (and allow me to add his order to the pool next turn).

With my Lt Order the Oniwaniban stood up and took a long-range Boarding Shotgun shot at JC’s HVTarg but missed…

5 Kills in turn 1!

Turn 2 Yu Jing

JC still had quite a bit of punch left.  With 6 orders (Tiger, 2 Domaru, Sun Tze and a Zhanshi + 1 for Strategos).

His Tiger with Spitfire opened up on Shinobu, but she managed to nail her smoke roll and plant it at her feet! The Tiger then backed off and tried to move across the middle ground.  He spent his 2nd short skill moving across the LoF of one of the Camo Makers (which I warned him about but he still did it) but it wasn’t a bluff and a Raiden HRL popped out and incinerated him to ash!

JC decided to round the wagons and moved both of his Domaru in close to Sun Tze, and then tossed a speculative EM grenade over the wall at Shinobu, hit and she failed her BTS and became Isolated (which meant she could only now spend her own order on herself!).

Turn 2 JSA

First up the Oniwaniban leapt out using his LT order and went for the HVTarg.  1st shot, one hits and the HVTarg made its ARM save! He moves in further into 8” range and take a 2nd shot and puts both cleanly in the X and takes her down.  5 OP!

Shinobu (Isolated) isn’t much use now, but she uses her own order to Spec Fire a Smoke Grenade over the wall and hits!

Saito mercilessly moves in on the Zhanshi and turns her into Sushi.  He then hops the wall into the smoke and takes on Sun Tze….. Now Sun Tze has Total Immunity which makes him immune to both Saito’s AP and EXP CCW’s…. using MA level 4 It takes 3 orders to take him down, going through 2 Wounds and NWI!  With his last order, he takes on one of the Domaru bodyguards, who in turn decides to Berserk him on +12 but doesn’t crit!  Both land hits, and both go down, although the Domaru goes down in several pieces!

Saito Togan Mercenary Ninja engages Sun Tze and teaches him the true Art of War

Turn 3 Yu Jing

With honour at stake the last Domaru spends his LT order to hop over the wall.  Shinobu accepts his challenge and doesn’t ARO him.  They engage in one last duel, blades held high in Salute the Domaru Berserks on +12 but still doesn’t Crit.  Shinobu does and the Domaru’s head falls to the ground, while amazingly Shinobu makes the ARM saves and survives the Domaru’s attack!

While the rest of the Human Sphere claim to follow the rules of warfare, only the Japanese truly understand honour and sacrifice!

Honour must be satisfied!

Final Score

Stuart – TOTAL VICTORY.  3 TP, 10 OP, 261 VP

JC – LOSS. 0 TO, 0 OP, 0 VP.

Any tournament that ends in an honorable duel is one worth remembering.

Final Result

After 3 rounds and a close draw, a crushing defeat in the second game, and a 10-0 win in the last game, I evened out and finished mid field 7/14 on 4 TP, 15 OP and 490 VP, not brilliant but respectable!

I was very happy with how the Silent but Deadly Ninja list had worked, and I only wished I had played that in game 2 as well as it would have probably have done well vs Lous’s TAG and with Saito’s AP + EXP CCW to take out the AC2.

Of all the missions in Infinity Decapitation is one of my favorites, mainly because JSA do it so well, but I do worry with the changes in ITS Season 9 and 5 OP’s going to the player who kills the HVTarget with his Data Tracker it’s become a very different mission and somewhat unbalanced.  I was lucky that the scenery in game 3 enabled me to really tuck the HVTarg away, but the scenery on JC’s side was the opposite, and his ended out in the open!

Great tournament and some great games.  Congratulations to Adam “DeathBird” for taking 1st place, Andy “Riker” for 2nd and Mark “Fabian” for 3rd place.

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 00.36.58

Andy “Riker”’s Yu Jing force once again took a well-deserved best painted.

I think the Silent but Deadly list will be ‘not’ seen, ‘not’ heard and definitely ‘not’ smelt again – better start packing Sensor’s people!

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