Hunting Party Showdown@Hydra

A new dawn for the Infinity Tournament System.  The old has been swept away – replaced by the new!  New rules, new missions, new strategies!  In preparation for Masters the Totally Crit crew at the Hydra Games Club decided to run a 1 mission showdown with one of the new missions on the block – Hunting Party!  I played vs Rob “Bobman” and Chris “Pootleflump” faced off vs Lewis.

Mission Debriefing: Hunting Party

For those of you who have played in Operation: Wotan Hunting party has not changed a great deal.  The goal is simple, to “Hunt Down” as many Lieutenants and Specialists as possible.  Unlike a lot of the ITS 9 missions, this one does not use the Data Tracker or High Value Target Rules, just the basic HVT and 2 x 1 Objective Point Classified Missions.

So what do you have to do to “Hunt Down” a trooper?  Well it’s pretty simple.  Any specialist or Lieutenant who is in an Immobilised State (Level 1 or Level 2) at the end of the game. Scoring is as follows:

  • Have more Lieutenants Hunted Down (4 OP)
  • Have the same number of Lieutenants Hunted Down (3 OP)
  • Have more specialists Hunted Down (2 OP)
  • Connect the antenna (1 OP)
  • 2 Classified Objectives (1 OP each)

In addition to these rules the Reinforced Tactical Link rule applies.  Anytime a players Lieutenant is in a null state (including being in IMM-1 or 2) they must select a new lieutenant at the start of their next turn in the tactical phase.  There is no loss of lieutenant, and the identity of the Lieutenant is always open information.  Lts must start on the table (no AD or HD) but they can be a marker.  Now this has led to some confusion about what counts as a “Hunted Down” lieutenant, when you are required to select a new Lt… Well it’s pretty simple.  Any trooper will count as Hunted Down that has been a Lieutenant at any time in the game (which is the same as in Decapitation).  This causes some interesting rules interactions:

  • Chain of Command: If you “Hunt Down” a Lieutenant and the opponent has CoC then they select a new Lt straight away!  This is actually a real problem as you can then hunt down that Lt and get a double whammy of Hunted Down Lts!
  • Executive Order: If you bring an Executive Order trooper into play (Van sant, Hac Tao etc) they immediately become the new Lt…. BUT… to previous now EX-Lt is still a valid Lt to Hunt Down and will still be scored!

In other words taking troopers with either of the above skills can be a serious hindrance!

So how do you Hunt Down a trooper?  Two bonuses are applied in the mission.

Every “Veteran Trooper” type unit (This does not include the Veteran Skill!)  gains an Adhesive Launcher (ADL) which can cause IMM-2 with a good range at 8-16 at +3 and a Burst of 1.  Note that to see if a trooper is a Veteran Trooper you need to login to the desktop browser version of Army.  The mobile browser version doesn’t show it.  Nor will this information print out.  IMM-2 can only be cancelled by an Engineer (or can be removed by Tohaa shedding their Symbiont Armour, or TAG Pilots dismounting from their TAGs [This one is a bit unclear though in the current rules]).

Every trooper with any pistol gains a stun pistol (this includes assault pistols, viral pistols, breaker etc). All weapons which fire Stun ammo (which requires 2 BTS rolls or prevents you taking any Attack labelled action) also gain the IMM-1 damage type (Which prevents any action other than Discover and Reset).  IMM-1 can however be cancelled by a simple Reset Short Skill or ARO (Note FlashPulse is Flash Ammo, not Stun Ammo, but WarCors can still shoot people with their stun pistols).  So if you have stunned a LT and you activate your trooper in LoF or in ZoC of that trooper they will get to Reset!  This can make it very difficult when just using stun pistols to keep someone down!  Also once in their Active turn they can simply spend an order to Reset (you can of course ARO and stun them again!).  Other notable weapons with Stun ammo include, Multi-HMG, Multi-Rifle and Multi-Sniper Rifle!  The only issue with these is that the Burst is reduced to 1!

Other methods to put troopers into IMM states include –  targeting HI/TAGs with EM/EM2 ammo from EM Grenades/GL, Blitzens, EM CCW’s etc.  Hacking attacks can also be used to give IMM states to HI/TAGs and Hackers but only if their duration lasts until the end of the game e.g. If you use Carbonite as it only lasts 1 Turn the trooper will not be IMM-1 at the end of the game.  Basilisk which has a duration of 2 turns however can work but only if you are going 2nd!

So probably the best way to keep a Specialist or LT in a “Hunted Down” state is to hit them with an IMM-2 attack.  Hitting them with only an IMM-1 attack can make it easy to remove that state.  One alternative is to knock the trooper down to an unconscious state first and then stun them!  Unconscious troopers can’t reset.  This does run the risk though of you killing them!  Dead Troopers are removed from the table so no longer have any states applied to them so don’t count as Hunted Down.  This does however lead to a questionable practice of killing your own Hunted Down Lt… (a subject of much discussion in regard to its sportsmanship…).

There is however one dark side to the mission – which is completely unacceptable it terms of sportsmanship!!!!  If you go first you could theoretically throw your Lt off a roof over 4” and die (ARM save on a 20, and keep rolling if your fail).  You then have no Lt to Hunt Down and when it gets to your next turn in the Tactical Phase you simply do the same again… Something similar can be done by making your Lt and Kuang Shi and detonating them…  I would strongly suggest that anyone who is TO’ing a tournament ban this tactic (and if anyone tries to do it give then a swift kick in the happy sack J ).

My Lists

So I chose to take advantage of the new Reduced Combat Group rules allowing any 10 order list or less now to be effected by the tactical use of command tokens!  Also taking a TAG to using the new Fatality 1 rules and have a Multi HMG with Stun.


logo_201.png Hunting Party

logo_10.pngGŪIJIĂ Lieutenant MULTI HMG, Heavy Flamethrower / AP CCW. (3 | 88)
sep.giflogo_10.pngGŪIJIĂ PILOT Light Flamethrower / Pistol, Knife. ()
logo_7.pngDÀOFĚI MULTI Rifle / Pistol, Shock CCW. (0 | 53)
logo_3.pngTIGER SOLDIER Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 27)
logo_11.pngGŬILÁNG MULTI Sniper Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 33)
logo_1.pngZHANSHI Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 11)
logo_1.pngZHANSHI Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 11)
logo_1.pngZHANSHI Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 11)
logo_36.pngRUI SHI Spitfire / Electric Pulse. (1 | 20)
logo_39.pngPANGGULING Hacker (EVO Hacking Device) Electric Pulse. (0.5 | 25)
logo_15.pngMECH-ENGINEER Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 15)
logo_38.pngYÁOZĂO Electric Pulse. (0 | 3)
logo_38.pngYÁOZĂO Electric Pulse. (0 | 3)

6 SWC | 300 Points

Open in Infinity Army

Hunting Party-On Dude!

  • Opponent: Rob “Bobman”
  • Faction: HaqqIslam
  • Mission: Hunting Party
  • List: A

Rob won the initiative and decided to deploy 2nd, so I chose to take 1st turn to gain advantage of the Reduced Combat Group rules – and funnily enough the first thing Rob says is “I’ll take two orders away from your….’ … Na ah!


Turn 1 Yu Jing

Rob had placed his Gulam Lt onto of a 2nd story building roof with no ladder access so getting to him was going to be a challenge!  In the building below he has a Mutt and a G: Servant linked to his Gullam Doc+.  Standing at the corner and covering the approach was Al-Fasid HMG!  He had to go!

I decided to take a big oppening gambit and dropped my Tiger right behind the Al-Fasid!  I made the roll (15 due to the EVO) and the Al-Fasid failed to change face – so I put 3 rounds into his back.  I hit with all three but expected the Al-Fasid to stay up, but he failed two ARM rolls (8+) and went KO.  One of my classifieds was Extreme Prejudice so the Tiger finished him off with a Coup De Grace – but had to take a Jammer attack from the Mutt which failed its roll!  Before I could deal with the Lt I had to kill the Mutt so the Tiger steps out and puts 2 rounds into the Mutt and 1 into the Servant.  All of them hit, the Servant passes its ARMbut the Mutt goes down and the Tiger shrugs off the Chain Rifle ARO.


With the coast clear I start moving the Guijia up the table.  Rob has no ARO pieces out so I move up freely, but then move into ZoC of a camo marker in a building which reveals as an Al Hawwa Assault Hacker – who tries to Oblivion the TAG but failed the role!  Pinned down I couldn’t move the TAG but the Tiger managed to move and get the Hawwa in his sites and KO him.

So the Guijia was on the move again and managed to climb up on the building where the Lt was, but only managed to get single Stun HMG shot off and missed.

Turn 1 Haqq

With a large TAG sitting in is DZ next to his LT Rob focused on attacking it, but before he could do this he had to deal with my Camo Marker on a rooftop.  I have place it 8” away from my other camo token (my Dao Fei) to play some mind games!  He stood up a Ghulam, so I returned fire with my Rui Shi (who unfortunately was in LoF) and did nothing with the Camo Marker, but the Ghulam was a Hafza HRL with Holo Projectors Level 1! (I really should expect these things from Haqq). He ignored the Camo marker and put two shots into the Rui Shi catching a Yaozao Servant and burning both to the ground! He then activates the Hafza again and discover/shoots so I decide to break Camo and shoot back and we both miss!  Rather than use his Hafza again he brings out the big guns and rolls his Azrail up with AP HMG and murderises the poor Guilang Sniper (new model syndrome).  He then moved up another Al Hawwa and managed to take down my Tiger at range, but the Hawwa then takes an ARO of Explosive HMG from the Guijia (Turns of Guijia don’t have pistols).


Turn 2 Yu Jing

Down to 7 orders.  The Guijia leads off and puts 4 rounds into the Hafza HRL killing it, while ignoring the shotgun blast from the Ghulam Lt.  He then climbs onto the roof still taking shotgun rounds and attacks the Ghulam in CC managing to put in onto unconscious.  He then unloads a stun HMG round into him.  Feeling a bit exposed the TAG climbs back down a level into cover and goes onto suppression with some other units in a Co-ordinated Order.

Turn 2 Haqq

You remember that G: Servant remote which I ignored last turn… well that was about to come back and bite me!  There was nothing for it to heal so I just left it rather than spend the orders to kill it.  So it starts moving and coming up behind my TAG which is in suppression and I realise that if it gets into base to base contant 1 – I’ll be engaged and 2- it will have a fair chance of immobalisibing me… don’t discount that automatic roll of a 7 – I’ve lost a Hsein with CC19 to a G:Servant before!  So I use a change face, but this breaks be from suppression.  Next up Robs Azrail AP HMG moved up and sticks 2 wounds on the Guijia.  Even with ARM 8 and cover I had to save on 9+!  I retreated enough to get out of LoF but he continued to push up the Azrail who was also now his LT and got another two hits which I failed both and went to dead.  Now at this point I’m not sure who was more annoyed by this me, or Rob who only wanted me unconscious so he could me the G: Servant Remote up to immobilise me while I was unconscious!

Turn 3 Yu Jing

At this point I was in the lead on Lt Hunted Down, so I decided to put my orders into my Dao Fei.  I had a quanry though… do I may the Dao Fei my new Lt and get the extra order OR make a Zhanshi on the other side of the table my Lt knowing it would be impossible for Rob to get to it with the orders he had left!  I went for the safe option and chose the Zhanshi.  So with 6 Orders I moved up the Dao Fei and got a shot on the unconscious Al Hawwa Assault Hacker my Tiger had KO’d in turn 1.  I shot at his immobile form with a burst 1 stun round from my Multi-Rifle.  Good range 16’s.  Rolled 17…. I moved towards his Azrail and shot back again at the Hawwa, 17! And again 19! And again 18.  With 1 order left and also 1 wound down as I had walked infront of a mine my Dao Fei had failed to do anything.  I use the last order to move up a Zhanshi towards Robs HVT (but it was very borderline if I was in ZoC).

Turn 3 Haqq

It didn’t seem that Rob could come back from this.  He has 6 orders and my Lt was way over the other side of the table, so he went for a different approach.  He moved his Nazmat Servant, climbing up the building to where his original LT was and then healed him with Doctor Plus (although Rob would have been quite happy to fail the roll – we did discuss if the “plus” from Doctor + was optional!).  No conscious, he rolled to Reset and his Ex-Lt was now back up and not Hunted Down!!!!!  With his last orders he moved a Mutt into ZoC of my HVT and then a Najjaran Engineer shot my Dao Fei the back and the Azrail took a shot at my Zhanshi who was near his HVT and killed him!

Final Score

Stuart DRAW 1 VP, 1 OP (Extreme Prejudice)

Rob DRAW 1 VP, 1 OP (Secure HVT)

Turns out my Zhanshi was 8 1/2” away from Robs HVT anyway, but Rob should have won as he has a Al Hawwa Killer hacker in a building in ZoC of my Dao Fei and he has the Data Scan Classified!!! Close game – and goes to show you that Hunting Party is a mission with plenty of depth to consider!


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