Totally Crit XI.2 Double Action!

Totally Crit XI.2 Double Action!

Day 2 of the Totally Crit two day event!  Grantt ‘Aidhe’, Andy ‘Riker’ and me Stuart ‘Sam2064′ road tripped up to the venue – a large ‘scout hut’ hall in Penbury, near Tonbridge, Kent, UK.

Day 2 was a little smaller with only 6 players with 4 carrying on from day 1, but the first round of pairings was based on the final positions of the players in the last tournament.  This meant Day 1 winner Andy ‘Riker’ faced of vs Rob ‘Bobman’ and I got to play Grantt ‘Aidhe’.

My lists were of course the same as yesterday which was part of the tournament rules.  The tables had been adjusted so the objective room was now a regular height building.

Game 1

  • Opponent – Grantt ‘Aidhe’
  • Faction – Nomad
  • Mission – Firefight
  • List – B

Grantt and I have played many a game as he is one of our regular’s at Chaos Cards in Folkestone.  He had set himself a challenge for this ITS to create a Remote dominated list called “My Little Remotie”.  Some excellent painting which I (as a father of two girls, 6 and 9) instantly recognised the scheme, PONIES J.

Firefight is one of my favourite missions of the two days and my List B was designed especially to do this mission so I was looking forward to this one.

I won initiative and decided to take turn order.  This is one of those missions where I don’t think there is much advantage to go second as it’s all about the killing! Killing army points, lieutenants and specialists, plus popping panoplies.

I set up first, and the Grantt set up in a very defensive, bunkered in, way – covered by 2 sets of Koalas!  That made my placement of Shinobu really tough, so I dropped her all the way back to the midway line on the west side.

Grantt spent two command tokens, one to remove two orders and the second to launch Overclock from him Salyut Zond to give his remotes +1 burst in ARO.

Turn 1 Yu Jing

My Kuang Shi ran up, as they do, staying in total cover.  Grantt had mouted a very tight defence which made it impossible to walk any Tigers in on his DZ (Which you can do in Firefight!), so I combat dropped in on the Eastern flank (on 18’s due to my EVO and the designated landing zone rules) and made it (which was super lucky.  I rolled a 1 hand out of 2 or 3 Hack Transport Aircraft rolls, Grantt only made 1 of them and rolled a 1 as well!!!!!) .  The Tiger starter by taking out a Stempler Zond and then a 360 degree visor Tsyklon w/Feuerbach (The Tiger being in cover and with Mimetism really sung the odds in my favour for this).  He then moved out and got a shot on Pi-Well and dropped him.


On the west flank I moved up Shinobu and then surprised shot the Reaktion Zond TR HMG and managed to take it down. This allowed my 1st Tiger to take out the Lunakod  on western flank which was being covered by the Reaktion Zond and the Tiger took it out from the rear, and knocking the Koalas into disconnected.

Lastly the second combat group Tiger dropped in right around the corner from a Tsyklon and Zonbot.  The Tiger then popped out and took out the other Lunakod in the centre of the table and knocked down its two Koalas.  The Tiger then dropped prone and used a Zondbot to block the view of a Tsyklon Spitfire and laid a flame thrower over them which burner them both [It’s a tradition of our meta to keep rolling Flame attacks until one is successful – the Tsyklon failed 10 – and was reduced to Sub Atomic Particles!!!).


To end this EPIC turn 1 both my Tiger’s and Shinobu went on suppression.

Turn 1 Nomads

Grantt started by dropping in a Meteor Zond right behind my Spitfire Tiger, then shot him in the back, but the Tiger made two ARM saves and spun around with WARNING!

He then used Zoe who was in the centre building and fixed up his Lunakod, which then went after my Tiger with combi on the western flank but he was out of good range firing into suppression and mimitism, in cover, and was beaten by the Tiger but saved its ARM.

Turn 2 Yu Jing

My Tiger with combi started and broke suppression to take down the Lunakod again.  My Toger with Spitfire faced down vs the Meteor Zond and took it out.  This left the units in the centre building so Shinobu went in, throwing smoke and killing Zoe, the Saylut and finally the Interventor Lt.

The game continued event though that was the last nomad unit so I could spend my Turn 3 getting panoplies.

Final Score

Stuart – Complete Victory 3 VP.  10 OP (More army points killed, More specialists killed, more LT kills, more Panoplies, Secure HVT).  320 VP (No casualties!!!!)

Grantt – Loss 0 VP.  0 OP, 0 VP.

Game 2

  • Opponent – Rob ‘Bobman’
  • Faction – HaqqIslam
  • Mission – Supremacy
  • List – A

So for this mission I had to take List A as it was the list with at least some (2) specialists.  I was hoping to get the rematch vs Andy ‘Riker’, but Rob had beaten him 10-1 is the 1st round!   I won initiative, and I’m not sure why but I took 1st turn….. I have played against Rob’s Haqq a few times with not much of successes so I thought I knew what I was in for – and then he slaps down TWO Al Fasids (HMG on the east flank in total cover and HRL as an ARO piece on the western flank)!  I placed my climb Climb Plus Su Jian as a hold back on the eastern side as I really wanted to get in the Al Fasid HRL’s face in turn 1.  I waiting expectantly for his holdback, which does turns out to be an impersonation marker – but he gets placed on top of a tower platform, about 8” high, with no ladders… making it very difficult to get to, and my Su Jian the only thing that I could really use was on the other side of the table!

Turn 1 Yu Jing

I set out to go for the objectives.  My Ninja Killer Hacker dropped out of TO and nailed the south eastern console in the open (hackers get +3WP).  Then my Zhanshi Hacker moved up the then south wester one in a building and flipped that one.

Rob had not left any real targets out other than the Al Fasid HRL so I moved my troops up into defensive positions keeping a few Kuang Shi eyeing up his Impersonator ready to chain rifle it, if it revealed and shot down onto my Husong Yukong TR HMG.

I moved the Su Jian in kitty form (taking advantaged of its Climb Plus) and just got into range of his Al Fasid , transformed to battle mode and planted 4 spitfire shots on it, managing to wound it.  I was hoping it would drop prone, but it didn’t do I couldn’t go into suppression.

Turn 1 HaqqIslam

The Mutts lead off, most of them moved in cover.  The Su Jian got a long rang ARO on one but missed with the spitfire.

Next up Rob went for the Al Fasid HRL and took on the Su Jian.  He got a CRIT, and then my PanzserFaust go a CRIT!  He went again, and this time my Su Jian managed to put him onto unconscious!

On the easter side the Al Fasid HMG moved up.  I wasn’t too worried as all my guys were in total cover, but I had completely forgotten about his grenade lanuncher.  He spec fired (in good range on 10’s) taking a couple of attempts and hit with the second, blasting by Ninja and a nearby mine!  He then revealed a TO camo marker in the centre ‘objective’ building (which I knee was likely to a Tuareg) and moved it into the south western quadrant.

Lastly he moved across a Gulam doctor under cover of smoke and healed up the Al Fasid, who remained prone in cover.

SCORING ROUND 1 – I got the south western quadrant, but Rob had the other three!  The swing in the south western quandrant had left me with only a camo’d Guilang vs his impersonation marker and TO Camo marker. So Rob won more quadrants and got 2 points.

Turn 2 Yu Jing

First priority was to remove the Tuareg, and the Guilang should have been the perfect tool – but I completely forgot how I should play it!!!!! I moved in and out of the centre room, he didn’t ARO and I successfully discovered her as a Tuareg Doctor, but I should have first put a mine around the corner!!! I then moved it and we went combi vs dodge, and she dodged.  I tried again and she dodged again!  This had taken 4 orders and I didn’t want to spend my entire pool on this!

I activated the Su Jian and moved up taking a shot at the prone Al Fasid HRL as I could see the edge of his base around the cover and put him back to unconcious, but in doing so his mutt had ARO’d with smoke!  So I activated the Rui Shi and moved up and got the Mutt onto Dogged, .  The Rui Shi then got a shot on the doctor and killed her with shock, so she couldn’t heal the Al Fasid again.  Lastly using the Lt Order I moved my Dao Fei into the north western zone.

Back in the south eastern zone I moved the Husong HMG REM up to get into the zone and cover against the Al Fasid HMG.

Turn 2 HaqqIslam

The Mutts went off, but this time my pieces were well in place and they all got cut down!

The Al Fasid HMG activated and did another precise spec fire shot and blew my Guilang up!  He then moved it up and engaged my TR HMG directly HMG on HGM (4 x 13’s vs 4 x 11’s) and won, putting it down.

He moved up a Gulam and took a snap shot at my Su Jian and managed to wound it against the odds!  He also moved up a Naffatun Engineer inside a building but into the north western quadrant.   Lastly he moved the Tuareg doctor across into the north-western quadrant.

Rob then revealed a couple of Farzan specialists, a hacker on the east side got that console and an FO on the left side go than console.  He moved another specialist down the right flank shooting at a Kuang Shi who dodged.

ROUND 2 SCORING – I got the north and south eastern quadrants, but rob got the North and south western quadrants, so a draw 1 point each!  The north-western quadrant was close but my 53 point camo’d Dao Fei pushed it over the edge!

Turn 3 Yu Jing

I needed to win quadrants to at least draw.  My Kuang Shi ran up, and were getting into good positions.  I couln’t dislodge the Impersonator so I decided to focus on getting the north eastern quadrant which involved killed the Al Fasid HMG.  My Rui Shi tried to take out the Tuareg Doctor but got shot down!

The Su Jian moved in and too a good range shot at him, but he popped a smoke grenade out from his GL!  This made it almost impossible to get to him.

Left with very little in the way of options I sent the Kuang Shi after the Al Fasid.  I managed to take out the FO Farzan but ran short on orders to get to the AL Fasid.  Finally I ran an Kuang Shi into the central objective room and into range of his HVT.

Turn 3 HaqqIslam

This was really a clearing up operation.  Rob did sent one of his Gulams up against the Su Jian at close range at put it only NWI but the Su Jian beat it the second time around with its Heavy Pistol.  Lastly the Tuareg Doctor went for the Kuang Shi and managed to land a wound on it, so I exploded it and took the doctor out in the blast!  That did cost me the secure HVT though.

ROUND 3 SCORING – Again it was a draw, NE and SE to me, NW and SW to Rob.

Final Scoring

Rob – Partial Victory 2 TP.  7 OP (Won 1st round, drew round 2 and 3, 2 consoles and Secure HVT).  160 VP

Stuart – Loss 0 TP. 4 OP (drew round 2 and 3, 2 colsoles).  195 VP.

As seems to be a theme when playing Robs Haqq I won the battle (on VP) but lost the war (on OP)!

Game 3

  • Opponent – Lewis ‘Dalai Lemur’
  • Faction – Corregidor
  • Mission – Transmission Matrix
  • List – B

Last mission of the day – and it was the madness that was known as transmission matrix.  My approach for this game was simple…. Try my best to ignore hacking!  Take the zones with non-hackable troops and try to avoid any of the Hacking Area around the antenna with my REMs.

The table for this game was ‘interesting’ in that put your head into a wasp nest way…… It looked great and was all made by Chris ‘Pootleflump’ from cast resin.  After looking at it for 5 minutes it made my head hurt as there was no way a 55mm base could even get out of the DZ!  To his credit Chris moved some things around so it would be playable – but it was still pretty restrictive.

Lewis won the initiative roll and decided to take turn order and go first, so I set up second.  With the importance of the central antenna I decided to hold Shinobu back and deploy her right in the central antenna’s zone of operations.

Turn 1 Corregidor

Due to limited places to deploy I had ended up placing my Pangulang EVO hacker in the south eastern antennas zone.  This made it a prime target.  He led the way with his Alguacile Hacker and tried to brain blast the EVO but I chose break water, and after three attempts he hadn’t managed to land a hit!  So he chose to bring out a Bandit Killer hacker and tried again – 4 more attempts later and still nothing!  He did land one hit and the EVO saved!

With his second order pool he just moved up some units into move defensive positions.

Turn 1 Yu Jing

I led f with a Tiger Solider, aiming to go for the north eastern antenna.  He walked in of the east side and took out a Jaguar – keeping well out of Chain Rifle Range.  I needed to removed the Reaktor Zond which was guarding the backlines – so I did a surprise shot from my Raiden HRL – but he got shot down by the Zond!  The Tiger then moved up and got a LoF onto the Reaktor Zond TR HMG.  First exchange of fire and we both CRIT!  Second exchange and I manage to put him down.  I still couldn’t get around to the antenna as the Wildcat link team HRL had a LoF on the corner.  So I took the chance and went for him – but the range was 26” and out of the good band and the Tiger was burned down!

Plan B – I combat dropped the Tiger Combi onto the left side of the table but failed the roll and scattered off the table – so deployed back next to my Hsein Lt.

Last few actions I moved Shinobu as a TO camo marker into range of the central antenna and put several units into suppression.

ROUND 1 SCORING – I had the SE, SW and Central Antenna and Lewis had the NE and NW so I won the first round and scored 2 Pts

Turn 2 Corregidor

Lewis led off by dropping in a Hell Cat with HMG and got a LoF onto my Tiger solider.  It took a couple of attempts but he put him down and then went into suppression.

Next up Senor Massacre and his Jaguars moved up the table taking a few orders and got into Chain Rifle range.  I held my ARO.  Rather than try and discover me he used an Intuitive Attack!  Luckily he missed the roll and Shinobu dodge prone over some pipes and out of LoF.  So he follows up with a Tom Cat with flame thrower and tries to cook Shinobu but she managed to dodge again back into cover.

Turn 2 Yu Jing

I started off with the Kuang Shi, 2 of which were in striking distance of one of the Jaguars.  We both chain rifled each other I failed the save, but he succeeded and I went dogged.  I spent a regular order and went again, this time I put him dogged but my Kuang Shi was taken out.

I took a risk and decided to use my Hsein LT on the western side to take out the supressing Hellcat – which he did with no issues! This left me the chance to run my Rui Shi right up the western flank on a killing spree.  It took out Senor Massacre, the two Jaguars and the Tom Cat who was harassing Shinobu.  This let Shinobu get back into position on the central antenna.  Last off the Rui Shi went into suppression to guard the west flank where Lewis’s Wildcats were set up.

ROUND 2 SCORING – I had the central, SE and SW – and Lewis only had the NE as he had moved away the Jaguars and Massacre from the NW antenna.

Turn 3 Corregidor

Running low on orders, Lewis bought up the WildCats back into the NW Antenna’s range, and took a shot at the Rui Shi who managed survived one exchange but then went down.  He then bought the Wildcats out to cover the SE Antenna and took out the Kuang Shi next to it.

Turn 3 Yu Jing

Play the mission – not the game.  All I needed to do now was get both antenna covered.  Shinobu still had the central antenna.  My Hsein managed to get across to the SE antenna without being in LoF of the Wildcats.  I then sent my Celestial Guard using a couple of cautious moved into ZoC of his HVT.  Annoyingly I couldn’t do the last classified due to my lck of specialists.

ROUND 3 SCORING – I had SE, SW and Central so I scored another 2 points.

Final Score

Stuart – Full Win 3 TP. 8 OP (Controlled more antenna for 3 rounds 6OP, Secure HVT 2OP). 229VP

Lewis – Loss 0 TP. 0 OP. 124 VP

Final Standings

So Rob’s last game had ended in a 6-6 tie so that left the standings very close!  After adding everything up both me and Rob were on 6 OP’s but he had 23OP’s to my 22OP! Soooooo close! My lack of specialists really stopped me from being able to score well!

4 of us played in both days, and the standings where close.  Andy ‘Riker’ won out with 13 TP (44OP’s), and the Rob in 12 TO (44OP’s) beating me on OP’s into 3rd in 12 OP (36 OP’s).

A great two days of gaming and some very close games! Look forward to the next one!

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 11.51.10



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