Constructing NeoTokyo

Since putting together my first piece of proper MDF scenery and painting it up for the MayaCast Master Glass competition I have been steadily working to complete my new table project – NeoTokyo.

While building this I had several ideas in mine.  First of all it was going to be a futuristic city scape by retaining some asian aesthetics in line with a Yu Jing theme.  I wanted to build on the predominant neon-green colour scheme to create the whole futuristic lighting theme.  Finally and maybe most important I wanted to create a balanced table layout which which make for good game play.

So what I’ve done below is give details of each element of the table, the company, prices and links.

Welcome to NeoTokyo

Micro-Arts Studios

The mat for this table is the District 5 4’x4′ map.  Its a great material (rubberised foam backed fabric – or mouse mat as some people call it).  It offers just the right amount of friction to not have figures sliding everywhere and the rubberised side really grips the table.  I chose this design because of course its a great urban city scape but mainly as it has a very asymmetric design which is idea for setting up tables which aren’t all linear.  Apart from the diagram centre road which really needs to be blocked off it encourages a set up without very long fire lanes.

I also picked up from MAS a while ago their crates which are great scatter, and their walls.

Prices (from Dark Sphere, London)

Art of War Studios

The majority of buildings are all from the Art of War Studios NeoCity One.  Each building can either be bought as a set of four stores and a walkway) or as one single 2 storey.

This table has two complete NeoCity sets (4 Stories and a walkway) plus an additional building and walkway.

Please note these buildings used here are the Beta versions and have been slightly modified in the new release.

Prices (from Art of War Studios Web Site)

Antenocities Workshop

Having played on lots of tables I have seen this companies scatter-terrain on many tables.  The Neo-Green look of many of the items really suited the theme of the table.  The Happy Panda Noodles Restaurant was also great looking building and I thought it would really suit this table.  The Suburban Lampposts also looked really good to use for objective markers for Antenna.

Prices (from Antenocities Workshop website)

Unboxing Videos

Final Touches

There are also a couple of random items on the table which finished it off.  The first is a Bus MDF kit I bought from Hobby Craft for £6.99.  It is the ideal size and painted up great!  The other thing are the tow trees which are aquarium scenery from Pets at Home for £6 but again are the idea scale.

Table Set Up and Game Play

There have been many articles written about terrain.  I’ve set this table up a few times, its still not perfect but it offers some great game play.

The level of the terrain is roughly equal through the entire table is roughly the same with the two storey building from Art of War Studios setting the height.  The Ad Block Signs are ideal for cutting fire from rooftop to rooftop and offer plenty of cover.

The Avalon Triads Pose a bt of an issue.  One of them is in a deployment zone but in the last game (a 4 player 200 points each game) someone stuck an infiltrating Calipsos TO Camp Sniper on the other one of them and did some serious damage.  I might in the future try and put them more in the middle rather than the edges.


The centre fire lane gets blocked nicely by the bus, which a could rotate slightly to cot off completely, but it seemed to work fine.

The Happy Panda Noodle gardens works really well.  The walls (which we counted as solid) block LoF into the garden, and the inside of the garden becomes a real close range killing field which lost of cover!  There were some flame-thrower related incidents!

When designing the deployment areas I tried to set this us at the inferiors side (DZ at the bottom of the image) as it offered less places to set up and had a more open area.


I set up the other side as slightly superior with the high vantage point (The Avalon Sign) and good cover from the buildings (again bottom of the image is the DZ).


Of course the set up of a table is open to interpretation, but so far we’ve had some cracking games on it!

Next – get an objective room…..


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