JSA Gallery Open

JSA Gallery

I’ve added a new page to the top menu with a gallery of all of the JSA models I own and have painted.  It’s missing a couple of the new sculpts but is more or less complete.  Some of these models were painted over a year ago when I got into Infinity and started to paint, but some are more recent.

My top 5 are:

  1. Oniwaban Shinobu which I bought twice and painted with a JSA and You Jing paint scheme
  2. Ninja (Killer Hacker) special edition model from Red Veil
  3. O-Yoroi Kidobutai Pilot Bootleg Edition
  4. Keisotsu Gu Feng Yuriko Oda from Dire Foes
  5. Aragoto Senkenbutai

Share with me your top 5 on the comments section!

I hope to do the same for You Jing which I recently completed but am still painting, and I’ll also add some pics of my Combined/Onyx and HaqqIslam.


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