UK Masters Part 2

Refuelled by the Premier Inns best full English breakfast I was ready for Day 2!

Game 4

  • List: B
  • Mission: Front Line
  • Opponent: Adam “Deathbird” Jones
  • Faction: Tohaa

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So playing the top man, the TO himself.  After a short delay where he had to, well-you-know, go run a tournament we got down to some serious Infinity!  We were playing on one of Ian Woods tables with some really interesting terrain.  Forests (Low Visibility, Saturation Zone, Difficult Terrain), hills and a river (which was difficult terrain and acted as a Nimbus Zone for anyone standing in it).  I lost the initiative roll and Adam decided to go first, so I set up second.

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Turn 1 Tohaa

Adam has deadly intentions from the start.  He has deployed his Gao-Rael MSV2 Sniper on a building and stared taking a shot at a Keisotsu who had he head our round a corner – luckily he managed to dodge!  He then moved up a bit and took on the TR HMG which was also in cover.  I ARO’d with the REM and a long range Raiden HRL.  The REM managed to land a hit and knocked down his symbiont armour and the Raiden missed well outside the good 32”.  The Gao-Rael sensibly had moved taken the shot and move back to take avoid futher shots – so now took a couple of shots at the Raiden – who took the hits and retreated into full cover.

Then he unleased the Symiobeasts!  Using his Kerail Preceptor with two symbiobeasts he moved up the East flank keeping out of the way of the Haramaki Missile Launcher.  They moved all the way up to engage my Haramaki Missile Laucher.  In a nasty 2 on 1 fight the Haramaki broke from the link and managed to crit (on 26’s) the beast!  The other beast got ARO’d by every other Haramaki in the team and went down.  He next moved up a triad with a  Sukeul HMG and put down the Haramaki ML down.

Turn 1 JSA

I had managed to weather the initial alpha strike well with only one loss.  I started by revealing Shinobu Kitsune right under the building with the Gao-Rael Sniper.  She threw some smoke down and climbed up to the roof cutting him down.  She then dropped off the roof and killed Adam’s other Kerail – which then dealt with the two synced symbiobeasts.  Now she was out of orders and surrounded!

The Haramaki went out for revenge and took down the Kerail.  They then moved up to take on the Sukeul but despite throwing everything at him including a few Blitzen’s he stood firm, with the Haramaki taking a couple of wounds!

Turn 2 Tohaa

With Shinobu right in the thick of it, he had to take her on.  He moved up a triad but Shinobu managed to put down smoke right at her feet.  He then moved in for some close combat action with one of his Makauls (originally he was going to send in the entire triad until I read the rules of MA Level 5!).  Shinobu prevailed and stood firm!  He moved up his Sukeul HMG but with the cover and armour the Haramaki managed to survive, ducking back into cover.  He placed the Sukeul on suppression.

Turn 2 JSA

I decided to bring up reinforcements to take on the Sukeul with my Rui Shi – loaded with supportware.  It managed to knock him back taking off his symbiont armour and breaking the suppression, but then the Rui Shi was taken down in a chance ARO!  Next Shinobu got to work.  She threw down smoke and moved in taking out a Kameul andmoving into base to base with another Sukeul HMG who had a fire lane across the table.  He managed the ARM save vs her attacks though.

I moved up the Haramaki link – now free to move as the Sukeul had dropped back and the smoke blocked the view of the other Sukeul HMG.  The Haramaki took on the closest Sukuel and managed to put him down.

Turn 3 Tohaa

The fight was not over – Adam decided to go for the throat – he moved all his troopers into one combat group.  With the Sukeul down he still had Kamael and Makuul.  The Makuul put down Eclipse smoke and charged at the Haramaki.  By moving in both troops at once he got the +1 burst +1 damage advantage.  He engaged the first Haramaki Combi, and put him down!  He moved on to the next and put him down!  Then he moved in on the Domaru.  I decided that the Makuul had to die! So the Dumaru when berserk rolling on 32’s and critted him! But the Domaru took 2 viral hits and went down as well – and I was on Loss of Lieutenant!

Turn 3 JSA

The last remaining Haramaki when for revenge and with his Ex. Imp order put down the Kamael.   He then moved up to take the middle ground. I moved up the rest of my troops to secure the friendly and neutral zones. Shinobu cut down the Sakeul HMG and then used a command token to give her a regular order.  I was well inside Adams DZ so decided to go for it and do a Move + Move to get into the Enemy zone – taking 2 ARO’s.  The first one missed…the second a light shot gun hit – and she failed the Arm roll and went down.  She would have had enough points along with my Intelcom card to take the zone! We both were in 8” of each other’s HVT’s so Adam didn’t manage to Secure HVT!

Final Result – Partial Victory

Stuart 2 VP, 4 OP (Friendly Zone 1 OP, Neutral Zone 3 OP) VP 129

Adam 0 VP, 1 OP (Friendly Zone 1OP) VP 129 (Inc. Baggage)

Game 5

  • List: A
  • Mission: Supremacy
  • Opponent: Matt Spears
  • Faction: Tohaa

More Tohaa! I decided to go with the faster more agile list A for this game.  I won the initiative and decided to go first and Matt deployed second.

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Turn 1 JSA

Yo Jimbo zoomed out and threw down smoke over the closest console.  I decided to take on the Nikaol Snipper Sapper.  I moved up the Rui Shi, into the smoke.  With support ware on the Rui Shi I felt confident….CRIT… down went the Rui Shi!  I decided to take on the sapper with Saito Togan!  Coming out of hidden deployment, he managed to take the sapper down.  I moved up my link team and set up to take the south east console – but failed two WP rolls.

Turn 1 Tohaa

Matt came out guns blazing.  On the west side he moved out a Sukeul HMG and blasted my TR HMG off the roof.  He then switched to another Triad with Gao-Rael Spitfire.  He went up against Yuriko Odo and she shot back with a twin Panzerfaust, landing one, but he made 2 ARM saved and it just took out his Symbiont Armour.  We exchanged fire again and we both rolled CRITS!  He shot again and she went at him with the combi rifle and….CRIT….she went down.  He then moved in his Symbiobeasts.  They made it down the centre of the table and one came round the corner laying a Pulzar template over 3 Keisotsu.  At this point I should has taken then hit on the chest and shot back but I dodged… with all 3!  But I should have learned the important rule of infinity – dodging doesn’t kill anything!  So he went in with the beasts again.  One taking on the Keisotsu with a Pulzar again and one leaping a wall and placing a Pulzar over my Aragoto Hacker and Asuka Kisuragi (My LT).  Both Symbiobeats went down but so did Asuka and 2 members of my link (including my Kempetai Chain of Command!!!!).  In his last order he walked on an AD Gao-Tarsos.  As hi came on he took an Arrow to the chest from my HD Ninja Kill Hacker and lost his symbiont armour.

End of Turn 1 Matt had 2 quadrants but because he bought on the Tarsos he tied the south west quadrant and I only had 1!  2 OP to Matt.

Turn 2 JSA

I was in loss of lieutenant!  I needed to put down the Gao-Rael!  I went out with Yo Jimbo’s Ex Imp, trying to take him on face to face but Yo Jimbo took a hit and went NWI.  I tried to get closer hoping to take a run at him – but he was taken down.  Next Saito stepped up and took on the Gao-Rael….CRIT…CRIT…. Saito got taken down by a double tap to the head!  I decided to go for broke!  One of my remaining Keisostu took on the Kerail and took down his symbiont armour.  The Ninja tried to stick an arrow in the Tarsos but missed!  My Aragoto Hacker managed to take him on and put him down.  Last I took the chance of using my last Keisotsu ML on the Gao-Rael spitfire and get taken down.

Turn 2 Tohaa

The Ninja was the start player here.  She managed to hold off a link team with her bow and arrow!  She was engaged by a Makuul, allowing another triad to get past her and move to the objective.

End of turn 2 – 3 zones to Matt for 2 OP

Turn 3 JSA

I was in retreat, but no one had told my Ninja.  She fought on.  Taking the LT order she put a would on the Makuul and then hit him again but he ARM saved.  My last Keisotsu took down the Kerail.

End of turn 3 – 3 Zones to Matt for 2 OP

Final Result Loss

Matt 3 TO, 10 OP (3 x 2 OP for each turn.  3 Consoles 3 OP) and having more consoles 1 OP), VP 264

Stuart 0 TP, 0 OP, VP 49

Foot note – My Raiden was so well camouflaged I forgot about him for the whole game….

Game 6

  • List: A
  • Mission: Fire Fight
  • Opponent: Ryan Ling
  • Faction: Combined Army

More aliens to fight.  I won initiative and decided to go first – and deployed.  The Ryan went and deployed only a handful of units and some hidden assets….. this was going to be interesting!

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Turn 1 JSA

I went straight out with Shinobu and had deployed right next to Dr Worm!  She went for him and rolled a CRIT… but then he rolled a … CRIT.  She went again and hit him twice.  He made two ARM saves.  It took a third hit and a CRIT to put him down!  Shinobu then went to climb up onto the roof, but we then realised that she couldn’t climb up the leg supporting the structure as it wasn’t wide enough for her base to make contact – a rule that I had never realised… So she had to take the long road.  She moved around towards a ladder but out popped an Anethamatic!  He took a long shot across the table but Shinobu manage to put down smoke.  She then popped smoke onto the roof and headed up and took down the Overdrone ML with a CRIT.  With her last order she took out an Immetron.

The Haramaki team moved up and the ML got flash pulsed by an Ikadron in a 2nd story window, but made the ARM save.  The Haramaki ML shot two missiles at the Ikadron and not only took him out, but caught the Anathematic who was on the ground outside the building in the blast.  He made 4 out of 6 saves and went to NWI.

Turn 1 Combined

Ryan came out fighting.  He dropped Ko Dali onto the table and gunned down the Haramaki ML – 5 dice of assault pistol carnage!  He then combat dropped a camo token…. (confused).  He revealed a Noctifur and took a shot at one of my Haramaki, who went to dodge and set off the camo token… which turned out to be a mine… which turned into a trooper – Cadmus!

The next couple of actions were some of the most rules intensive in the whole tournament.  He launched a co-ordinated order with Ko Dali, Noctifur, Anethamatic and Cadmus.  Cadmus look the lead and placed a shotgun template over the link, which dodged…  Ko Dali shot as well but the Haramaki made his saves.  Next Cadmus moved and as part of a co-ordinated order laid a shotgun blast over a Haramaki and my Rui shi.  Ko Dali, the Noctifur and Anthematic all also shot at the Haramaki.  So the Haramaki rolled a 9 to dodge, the Rui Shi also under the shotgun blast shot back with a spit fire and rolled a 14, but Cadmus only go a low roll and none of the other attacked beat the Haramaki’s dodge.  Cadmus took the hit.

Turn 2 JSA

So this was a complete mess!  So as not to take any more ARO’s on my link, I shot with one of my Keisotu at Ko Dali and took her down.  I broke one Haramaki from the link and attached Cadmus in CC taking him out.  I loaded supportware onto the Rui Shi and moved in, taking down the Noctifur and then the Anethematic.  With my last order I moved Shinobu across the roof tops towards one of his troopers in a room below.

Turn 2 Combined Army

Going out in a blaze of glory Ryan threw his units at me.  His Nexus Hacker Lt, left his room and took on Shinobu, but was gunned down.  He moved his last Ikadron and the Rui Shi took him out.

Turn 3 JSA

With no Retreat rules for Fire Fight and no opponents on the table the Haramaki link moved to the Panoplies and WP’ed them.  Shinobu moved across the roof tops, Coup de grace’d a Worm slave bot for the Extreme Prejudice classified and then moved into 8” of the enemy HVT.

Final Result – Full Win

Stuart 3 VP, 10 OP (More Army Points Killed 4 OP, More specialist killed 2 OP, More lieutenants killed 1 OP, More Panoplies 1 OP, Secure HVT, Extreme Prejudice)

Final Standings

I finished 11/38 in the end on 12VP.  Not a bad finish!  It was a great tournament and in every game my opponents were great – there was very much a sense of great sportsmanship with opponents often pointing out things or allowing leeway when rules issues change the actions taken.  Amazingly every one of the 6 games finished before time – which is a first I think for me.  The fatigue definitely set it though towards the end, forgetting to place my HVT in game 3, forgetting by Camo’d Raiden in game 5, and it game 6 forgetting to draw classifieds (after discussion with one of the TO’s we agreed that James should draw two randomly for me – so I would not get any advantage in making a late choice).  Every game was closely fought and even those I lost I felt that it was very close!

Things a learned –

REMEMBER to deploy the HVT (need to tattoo this somewhere)

ALWAYS keep shooting at and kill the REM even when it’s on unconscious level 1/2

READ the rules… climbing!

NEVER underestimate Dr. Worm’s ability in close combat!

Thanks to all the players that I played and to the entire TO team that were at hand (although there were remarkably few rules questions through the whole 6 games – I think only 2 or 3).

Looking forward to next year!


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