Totally Crit VII

Great tournament today, Total Crit VII at the Hydra Gaming Club in High Brooms, Kent.  There was a great turn out of 18 people and 10 excellent tables of scenery!  With 400 point armies it was time to bring everything and the kitchen sink!

My Lists

List A Army Code


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JSA 400 Point List A
JSA 400 Point List B
Some of the Tables…

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Game 1 Fire Fight Rob Thomas

JSA List A vs Shock Army of Acontecimento

Defeat 1VP-7VP

A very hard fought game!  Rob won Initiative decided to go first, and I set up second very defensively.  Things didn’t go well! Rob fired up his Sensor bot and discovered Saito Togan and Shinobu Kitsune in hidden deployment!  He sent in a Drakios and two Devabots to flame them out – but I managed to make Engage rolls with both and engaged one Devabot with Saito and the other with Shinobu!  He bought a unit out of Camo and got one of the Panoplies getting a Sniper Rifle which he tested out by blowing the brains out of my WarCor! Rob bought up the big guns and opened up on my TR HMG with his Dracos HMRC TAG taking it down in one burst – but as I had an Engineer bot next to it he decided to keep firing at it but took a couple more actions to take it out due to some excellent armour rolls.

In my first turn Saito and Shinobu quickly dispatched the Devabots, but the engage had placed them in LoF of the Dracos.  Saito tried to lay down smoke but was taken out but the Dracos, but Shinobu did get down her smoke.  She then took out the Drakios, but I was just an order too short to get all the way to his Dracos, so decided to retreat her back to safety.  I then activated my Haramaki link and took a shot at his TR HMG bot with my Haramaki Missile Laucher, but was beaten in the F2F and took a wound.  So take two and this time I put it down – but the WarCor stunned me.  So I switched the link to the Keisotsu and moved up on the Dracos, but two Panzerfausts from Yuriko Oda only managed to take 1 wound from it.

Rob hit back hard with the Dracos and opened up taking on 4 Keisostu at once with 5 shots from the HMRC and managed to take down 2 of them.  He moved across and opened up on the Haramaki link and managed to take down Neko Oyama (who was my LT, but I had a Chain of Command Kempetai), but got hit by a Blitzen by one of the Haramaki whi got a crit and put him into immobalised level2.  But he had an Engineer ready who rebooted him! In a smart tactical move he then did a full order climb with his TAG and scaled a building (which would stop Shinobu getting to him next turn!).  He then opened up taking out anaother Haramaki.

My turn 2.  Time was short.  The game was intense!  I threw my now 3 man Haramaki, Domoru Spitfire link team forward.  They managed to take out a WarCor, and a Shotgun REM and with the last order I took the brash decision to go against the Dracos with the spitfire – but was out of good rage by 2” and the Domaru was taken down.  Yuriko Oda managed to make a dash the centre Panoply and made he WP roll.

We timed out.  Rob had killed more army points than me (4) and more lieutenants than me (2) and had achieved Test Run on his TAG (1).  We both had killed the same number of specialists (0) and I had managed to secure HVT (1).  Decisive Victory to Rob!

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Game 2 The Armoury vs Rob Neal

JSA List B vs Nomads

Defeat 4VP-5VP

I had a plan for this mission! I had deployed my HVT to the northern doorway to make it more difficult to enter.  I lost the initiative roll and Rob decided to set up second so I took the first turn.  In the first turn Yo Jimbo reved up the table to the Armoury taking his Koalas.  I then moved my Keisotsu link and tried to blow a hole in the armoury wall but missed but shots.  Yo Jimbo then moved up and threw some covering smoke – then got off his bike and carved the door open with his DA CCW.  The Keisotsu link team moved in but a HD Sniper appeared and shot down one of the link.  The other 4 link members moved in Yuriko laid a mine and secured a panoply.  I moved my Rui Shi to take on the Sniper but was put down!  I then fired with my TAG and managed to take him.  I got an engineer to the Rui Shi and repaired it.  Yo Jimbo moved in to position his Koalas.

Rob’s turn – His impetuous Morlock ran at the armoury and triggered the Koalas but crited the dodge (He has also got +3 PH with his meta-chemistry roll!)  He moved up a Camo unit with a spitfire and exchanged fire with the TAG but was taken down.  He then moved up a Massi hunter with Koalas within 8” of my link and his Hacker used the repeater to Brain Blast my Hacker….  I was now down to three in the link.  He moved some units towards the armoury but by TO Ninja sniper in HD appeared and shot down a Morlock.  He threw some smoke over his Intruder Sniper and then took out the Ninja sniper.  He tried moving up a few more units but lost a couple more and ran out of orders.

My turn 2 – The Yuroi moved up to the armoury and sent its Koalas in, setting of the Moran’s Koala.  Yuriko secured the Armoury by adding another mine.  Next the Yuroi TAG moved in on the Intruder Sniper – but after a series of firefights between them the Yuroi had taken two wounds and the Sniper was still sitting pretty!  Yo Jimbo reloaded his Koala’s decployed them and then hacked apart both of the panoplies

Rob’s turn 2, he put smoke over the Intruder then finished off the TAG.  He spent the next few actions moving up on the armoury.  He CivEac’ed the HVT from the door.  He then opened up with the Sniper using DA ammo and after 3 shots managed to blow the north door in.  He then threw in a Morlock with a chain rifle managing to take down my Ninja Killer Hacker who was a marker – but Yuriko and my Kempetai made their armour saves and several ARO’s and two mines blew the Morlock to pieces – but he’d done his job!  Rob then moved across is sniper and managed to get a shot on Yuriko and took her down!

My turn 3 – I moved up my TR HMG and WarCor to cover through the open south door.  Neko Oyama and a Domoru duo link moved up and just made it into the room.

Robs turn 3 – He moved up a Shotgun REM and exchanged fire with the Domaru and after several orders had managed to take down both Neko and the Domaru.  Really short on orders now he moved his Mobile Brigada in!  He went prone to avoid the TR HMG (as there were some boxes in the centre of the room) and moved in.  In the exchange of fire that followed I managed to place a wound on him and get a couple more hits that he saved – but he took out took out both Keisotsu only managing to put down the last one with his final order.

At the end he had his Mobile Brigada with shotgun (33) and I had Yo Jimbo (21) – we reveal INTEL COM – my 23 to his 38!!!!! So in the last order of the game if went from a 9-0 win to a 4-5 defeat!!!! Epic finish.

Final Score More Panoplies for me (2), two rounds of me holding the armoury (2), rob held the armoury in the final turn (4+1)!

Defeat 4 VP-5 VP


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Game 3 Frontline vs Nick Shaw

JSA List A vs Combined Army

I lost the WP roll (3rd time!) and Nick decided to set up second so I went first.  He had Strategos Level 3 so I couldn’t hold back any units – so I guess an Avatar would hit the table and it did!

Turn 1 – I revealed Saito Togan who did a surprised shot and took down an Infiltrating unit.  He the laid out smoke and moved towards the enemy.  This smoke then allowed Shinobu Kitsune to reveal and make a run at the Avatar.  She put two hits on it with Martial Arts level 4 and it failed an amour roll going straight to destroyed!  Shinobu then finished off an Ikadron in close combat.

Nick’s Turn 1 – Nick had to deal with the Ninjas so he set a Ickadron with flamer at Saito who amanged to dodge and engaged.  He sent two Daturazi to shut Shinobu down but she managed to take them both out!  He popped up his sniper and took out my Haramaki with missile launcher.  Then landed a Fraakta Assault Hacker and managed to take down an Engineer.  He tried to Carbonite my TR HMG but it managed a Reset.

Turn 2 – Saito finished off the Ikadron his was engaged with, then took down a Morat Hacker.  Shinobu climbed up a building and used Stealth to get behing the Sniper taking him out.  She recloaked and did a Surprise Shot on his TR HMG bot.  With her last action she leaned out and took down another REM but Dr Worm made its armour roll.  I activated the Haramaki link team and the Domaru with spitfire hunted down the Frackta.  Then the link team moved up the table.

Nocks turn 2 – He was down to only 3 order and an LT.  He threw his Speculos Killer at Neko Oyama who managed to cut it down in close combat.  In the last act of the game he moved out Dr Worm to take on Shinobu, but she shot him down!

Turn 3 – With no opposition left I killed a last AI beacon and took the 3 zones.

Final result Complete Victory 9VP – 0VP

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So final placing was down in the bottom 1/3rd of the table on 3TP and 14OP – but they were some very hard fought games!

Thanks to all the TCO crew and our TO John Benford for a great tournament and our brilliant welcome packs!

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  1. Awesome rep, thanks for taking the time to write her up!

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