Tournament Report Totally Crit VI

A great showing with 18 players on 9 excellent tables all with brilliant and painted scenery!  Thanks to the Hydra gaming club for hosting and James Masters for running the event!

My Lists

I took two JSA list.  Using my List 1 for Safe Area and Frontline and List 2 for Supplies.

TCVI List 1

TCVI List 2

Game 1 vs Joel Duoplys-Duguid (PanP) – Supplies 

Joel was playing a remote heavy PanO list.  2 TR HMG remotes, 2 Boarding shotgun remotes both with Auxiliers and a couple of Nisse Snipers.

He won initiative and chose table edge and to deeply second and I took first turn.

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JSA Turn 1

I started moving up my impetuous Aragoto and Yo Jimbo which took a hit and went NWI.  Then I moved in my Yuroi.  First target was a Nisse sniper prone on the roof – luckily an S7 template meant his base was no elevated from me so he didn’t get cover!  He went donw to HMG fire along with one of the Auxulliers.  Next the Yuroi moved out and took on the a TR HMG remote again taking it down.  Yo Jimbo popped some smoke near the suppies and the Yuroi move up to a good suppression position but the Nisse sniper on the other side of the table had him in LoF so took a shot.  Despite the -9 mod for my Yuroi to hit is won the F2F and put down the Nisse.  With few order in my 1st group I co-ordinated going into suppression.  My 5 man Keisotsu link moved up the left flank and the Keisotsu missile launcher went up against the other TR HMG, but he got diced and went down!

PanO Turn 1

Joel moved up one of his shotgun REMs to take on the Yuori – but the Yuroi’s suppression fire took him down – and made an armour save vs the AUX bots flamethrower.  The PanO TR HMG REM went up against the Yuroi whi had to break supression.  Both were at -3 range but once again the Yuroi won out and put down the REM.  On the other side of the table a Crocman appeared and grabed the supplies then ran into a nearby building and went on suppression.

JSA Turn 2

The impetuous bikers revved up the table.  The Aragoto hacker moved towards the supplies taking down the last Shotgun REM on the way and grabbed them. Kisuragi picked up the supplies from him and made a run for it.  The Aragoto went for the next Supplies but was cut down by a TO Camo unit.  I next moved up my link team to chase down the Crocman.  The combi rifle got to the door and exchanged fire.  Twice the Keisotsu was hit and twice he made ARM saves.  Third time he go the crit and put him down.  With my last orders Yo Jimbo revved up the table and got his bike to the door, got off and got within 3” of the supplies before I ran out of order

PanO turn 3

Joel had another Crocman who had failed is Infiltration role nearby.  He moved around to get Yo Kimbo in shot.  I smoke dodged and he placed a mine.  Next he moved through the smoke and out the other side to the dropped supplies an I ARO’d with Engage.  The mine went off but Yo Jimbo made the role and went base to base with the Crocman.  He tried to do a CC attack Yo Jimbo dissected him into two neat pieces.

JSA Turn 3

Yo Jimbo started off impetuous and ran out of the building to murder a Sensor remote then ran back in and picked up the supplies.   I moved move Tokuketsu Engineer up the table.  Repaired a wound on my TAG for Test Run and got to the last supplies box making the 2nd of 2 WIP rolls.  Last thing was to move the Keisotsu upto the enemy HVT to Secure HVT

Final Score Full Win TP 3-0 OP 10-0

 Game 2 vs  Peter Lilith Balogh (Caladonians) Safe Area

Peter won initiative and chose to deploy second.  I chose to go first.  Peter was playing a bunch of Claymore wielding maniacs lead by William Wallace.  We both switched out classified objectives for INTELCOM.

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JSA Turn 1

I had superior infiltrated Shinobu Kitsune right into the William Wallace link team.  She started by trying to get between them and then take a combi rifle shot to their backs.  She won the F2F but didn’t get a hit.  She moved around and dropped smoke but got ARO’d with Engage by a Highlander.  Taking on the Highlander she took off his head with her monofilament but the Berserk Highlander had already impaled her with his Claymore!

With most of my orders gone from the 1st group I moved in the Haramaki link.  The smoke from Shinobu had blocked LoF for the Wallace Fireteam so I could move up quickly.  The missile launcher moved and took out a Camo Sniper on the way.  He then swung out to the right flank and got a LoF on a prone Highlander behind the potted plants and took him out.  3rd action got him up to a building edge and Peter revealed another camo Sniper unit on a balcony who was again taken down.  Last order and I moved my Combi Rifle Harakami right into good range behind cover.

Cal Turn 1

We now had two dug in link teams fighting it out!  He started by opening up with a MK 12 Wulver who took hits from a Combi Rifle and took a wound.  He then switched to a T2 rifle and went F2F with the Combi – but the Combi returned fire with a Blitzen and dropped her from the Link.  Also because all of the link team activated his Wulver get ARO’d by another Haramaki and got dropped from the link.  Peter then changed tactics and bought up a TO camo unit with a boarding shotgun.  3 of my Haramaki took the blast (2 out of LoF).  The Combi rifle took a wound and so did the Missile launcher who chose to fail his Guts and fall back around the corner.  He went again and this time the Combi rifle put him down – but the blast still caught another Haramaki who failed two ARM roles and went unconscious.

JSA Turn 2

The Combi Haramaki exchanged fire with the Wulver but lots of ARM saves later and nothing!  I decided to change tactics and moved my Rui Shi Spitfire/MSV2 REM up.  After loading it with Assisted Fire I sent it against the T2 Rifle and Wolver with MK12, and despite needing 15’s and ignoring cover it failed to get the job done – got hit twice making one ARM role and failing vs the ARO from the MK12.  My Haramaki missile launcher got a shot off at the MK12 Wulver who shrugged off the hits but the blast took out a nearby line trooper.

Cal Turn 2

Peter set out for the end game.  He moved up his T2 Rifle taking the high ground by moving up the stairs and took an ARO from a contender but kept going.  He moved up William Wallace, throwing smoke to cover and moved the quadrant closest to him.  On the other side of the board one of his Camo specialists came out of marker state and went into base contact with a console and was joined by another specialist unit (in fact nothing had gone on at all on that side of the table for the whole game!).  In a last ditched effort to contest his quadrant I ARO’s with my Combi Harakami to do a Kinematic Dodge hoping to make it over the half way line but he got shot by the MK12 Wulver and went down.

The game ended so close with us both having 2 quadrants, but Peter had 1 console!

Final Result Partial Loss TP 0-2 OP 3-4 VP 180-185

Game 3 vs Peter Rees (PanO) Front Line

Peter was playing PanO.  I won initiative and took turn order and Peter chose to deploy second.  He chose to take a Classified and I chose INTELCOM

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Turn 1 JSA

Peter removed 2 orders from my primary pool.  I started out with Shinobu Kitsune in a great place, in 6 orders she killed a Bot Hacker, an EVO Remote, a Sensor REM and then crept up on a Nisse Sniper shot him in the back, then recloaked back into TO Camo.  With all my orders gone in my primary pool I switched to the Haramaki.  I moved them up the table into the center zone, then a TO Camo HMG Swiss Guard decloaked and took a shot hitting and causing a wound.  The Swiss guard had decloaked ext to Shinobu so I spend one of the Haramaki orders to do a coordinated order in the first group with just Shinobu, who stepped up and dissected him in two.

Turn 1 PanO

Peter had now only 4 units – a War Cor, Sensor Bot, a Hospitalier Knight and Joan of Arc.  He activated the Hosp. Knight with a Multi Rifle and bought him round the corner taking the shot at 18” and got a hit in my Haramaki with combi rifle who went down!  He then took on the Haramaki Missile launcher who took a hit and went prone.  On a role he moved on to a third Haramaki darting out and back in to full cover, but this one returned fire with a Blitzen and hit.  The Hosp. Knight failed his BTS and went into an Isolated State (It was later I realised he should have gone into an Immobalised II state as he was HI – that really change the game! <Facepalm>.)

Turn 2 JSA

I started by activating Shinobu and bringing her up behind the Hosp. Knight.  Rather than just shooting him in the back I decided to take him on in a sword fight…. Big mistake!  Shinobu took one hit and ARM saved.  Then she attached again and again was beaten in the F2F and went down!  I decided to move in the Haramaki.  I first moved up my Tokusetsu Doctor and healed my Combi Rifle to 1 wound.  I reformed the link and moved up the Haramaki.  The combi rifle Haramaki moved up to the corner and took shots at the Hosp knight scoring a wound but couldn’t put him down.  I sent another Haramaki into close combat with him but the Hops Knight put him down!

PanO Turn 2

Peter started by walking on an AD Trooper on the far side into the zone closest to me.  He then used the Hosp Knight impetuous order and did a coup de grace Shinobu for his Extreme Prejudice Classified – the Haramaki ARO’d with two shots but put one into Shinobu as well, the other bounced off his armour.   He then moved around the corner to negate the Haramaki’s cover and took him down the Haramaki with his multi rifle! Next Joan of Arc pops out and opens up with her spitfire and puts down two more of the Haramaki!  Joan then dived back into a building

JSA Turn 3

Everything was going FUBAR now!  So I decided to send in my Domaru Lt. to finish the Hosp Knight.  He moved in taking 3 orders to get there and Beserked taking the Hosp. Knight down in exchange for a wound.  He then moved up to the building occupied by Joan and tossed in a spec fire EM grenade but missed.  I moved up my Rui Shi drawing LoF on to the building Joan was in and went on Suppression Fire.  In my last actions I split the last two Haramaki placing one in the center and one in the enemy zone.

PanO Turn 3

It all was down to Joan now!  She was now Impetuous with Fury and dove out of the window next to the Domaru and into close combat.  She took a wound from the Rui Shi’s suppression.  Then it was down to the match up! Joan vs Domaru!  Both CC23.  Both MA3.  Both on 1 Wound – so a straight throw down and dice roll, and he won 9 to 6!  The Domaru went down!  Next she opened up on the Rui Shi.  The Rui Shi made its first ARM roles but then went down in a hail of bullets.  Joan then shot at the two Haramaki – taking the one in the center zone down but the Missile Launcher Haramaki made his ARM save and went prone.  In the last move Joan moved into the center zone.

End of the game!

I scored his combat zone with my surviving Haramaki Missile Lancher (33).

He scored the centre zone with Joan of Arc (51) vs my Tokosetsu Doctor (14)

I spent my 30 point INTELCOM card on my zone which had a HMG remote (25) vs his Akalis  (37)

Final Result Narrow Win TP 2-0 OP 6-4

Final standings

I finished 5th/18 with 5 Tournament Points and 19 Objective Points.  Great tournament and very close top 5 places! My second round Opponent Peter Liltih Balogh got a well deserved 1st place with 8 TP and 24 OPs

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